Our Mission is to provide you with the best Physiotherapy care

  • About Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy

    Blair Schachterle founded results oriented, customer service focused Nose Creek Sports Physiotherapy in 2001. The Physio and Massage Therapy clinic first opened in Calgary’s Beddington Co-op Shopping Mall with four staff members. The response was overwhelming, and later expanded to 2,600 square feet, with five Physiotherapists and two Massage Therapists. Within five years we opened another convenient location at the Thorncliffe Professional Building, and have expanded there as well, into another 2,000 square foot space with four Physiotherapists and one Massage Therapist.

    We help people get moving faster by providing exceptional Physiotherapy services. Growth has occurred primarily through word of mouth about our fabulous service. In order to get you moving faster, we hand select the best Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists in Calgary. Because of our comprehensive treatment philosophy, we have built a strong relationship and trust with our referring Doctors, insurance companies, the WCB and clients. We have become their preferred provider for their patients, friends and family, with many of them sending us referrals since our opening in 2001.

  • Why Choose Us?

    Why Clients Choose Us:

    • We Listen
    • We Care
    • We Take Away Pain Fast
    • Proven Track Record
    • Great Physiotherapists & Massage Therapists
    • Effective, Comprehensive Treatment Plans
    • Well Appointed Facilities
    • Same Day Appointments
    • Two Convenient Locations
    • We Get You Moving Faster & Feeling Better

    Nose Creek Physiotherapy is a Calgary Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy clinic founded in 2001 by Blair Schachterle. When the demand was there he opened his second Calgary Physio and Massage Therapy clinic in 2005. The clinics are built upon Blair’s vision to create a Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy clinic staffed by the best clinicians, to provide comprehensive Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy rehabilitation in Calgary. If you have had a recent injury or are experiencing pain, schedule an evaluation and let our team of Physiotherapists get to the root of your condition. Our approaches are non-surgical treatments that relieve pain, promote healing and prevent future injury.

    We provide our clients with individualized and comprehensive Physiotherapy rehabilitation programs. Our approach encompasses non-surgical treatments that relieve pain, promote healing and prevent future injury. We provide client education in Physio techniques, fitness, general wellness and ergonomics. This comprehensive treatment strategy aims to optimize results, shorten recovery time and prevent re-injury.

    Our commitment to excellence begins with a focus on personalized attention. Our Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists recognize that each person has their own unique needs and desired outcomes. At the outset of care, each client’s medical and physical history is assessed along with other lifestyle factors, and a personalized treatment program is developed based on the injury, age, sport and other lifestyle needs. We also take into account unique factors such as patterns of movement, body alignment, postural habits and treatment goals in order to develop the most effective, customized Physio rehabilitation plans possible. Just as no two clients are exactly the same, no two Physio treatment plans are the same either.

    Our expert Physio and Massage Therapists work one-on-one with each client to ensure that their treatment goals are met.  Physio and Massage Therapy programs are continually reassessed to monitor changes and improvements in a client’s condition. In addition to the intensive hands-on treatment received in our clinics, we integrate Physiotherapy into the daily lives of our clients, and provide each client with a road map to follow for optimal recovery. We believe that Physiotherapy is an active process. Therefore, each client is provided with the tools they need, such as exercises and treatment related information in order to continually improve and remain healthy outside of our Physio and Massage Therapy clinics. This creates a results-driven attitude that accelerates healing and promotes healthy living.

    Quality is the cornerstone of our Physio and Massage Therapy clinics. Our Physiotherapists have advanced level knowledge in Manual Therapy techniques, are trained extensively in-house and attend intensive continuing education programs in order to remain at the forefront of the latest knowledge and techniques in the Physio and Massage Therapy field.

    When necessary, our Physio and Massage Therapy team also works with other medical professionals in order to help clients recover from an injury or procedure. If a client is referred to us by a Physician or Surgeon, we carefully follow the medically recommended recovery plan and keep them regularly updated of the client’s progress. If we feel that a client should seek additional medical care, we can help coordinate care with some of the finest medical experts in the area.

    As a Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy clinic, our goal is to help our clients achieve their maximum state of wellness. To that end, we first address the condition that made you seek our help. Sometimes Massage Therapy, sometimes Physiotherapy and often a combination of both can eliminate an ongoing problem.  Life gets in the way, and all of us experience physical and emotional challenges that if not addressed can compromise our state of wellness.

    Take action today and give us a call at our Beddington (403.295.8590) location. You will not regret it. Life is too short to live in pain. See you soon and take care.

  • Hours of Operation

    We are conveniently open Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 7:30 pm, and Saturdays from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. We treat busy Calgarians like yourself, which is why we are open for extended hours during the week to ensure you can commit to coming into our Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy clinics on a regular basis.

  • Mission

    To enrich the lives of our clients by providing the best Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy available today, delivered by masterful clinicians and caring, resourceful support staff.

  • Vision

    We are committed to providing leading edge Physio rehabilitation that gives our clients results orientated recovery from injury or chronic conditions. We turn major injuries into positive lifestyle changes and promote active living in a calm manner. Our treatment plans, Massage proficiency and attention to detail will WOW our clients and turn them into lifelong patrons of our Physio and Massage Therapy services. Our clients will refer their family, friends and co-workers. Our attention to treatment plans and services will award us the title of “Best Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy Service” in Calgary.

  • Core Values

    • “CORE” = Continually Obtaining Rehabilitation Excellence
    • We are positive, passionate, punctual, professional and confident about everything we do
    • We embrace Team work, change and innovation
    • We are friendly, caring and treat our staff and clients with dignity and respect
    • We provide our staff with the best training and tools required to guarantee optimal outcomes
    • We celebrate our Team work successes
    • We are solutions-oriented and embrace all our clients’ challenges with a “can-do” attitude
    • We embrace feedback as a means of personal and clinic growth
    • We complete all written communication in a thorough, accurate and timely manner
    • We are Calgary’s Nose Creek Physiotherapy Team
  • Up To Date Equipment

    Nose Creek Sport Physio has advanced equipment on hand to facilitate healing, and to decrease pain and swelling.

    Interferential Current Therapy will increase circulation to the injured tissue to assist in speeding up the healing process. It reduces your pain by stimulating the sensory nerves in the area it is applied to, and is most commonly used in the initial first stages of a new or recent injury. It is usually applied to the back, arms and legs.

    Ultrasound is an oscillating current that causes a vibration of the soft tissue. This vibration results in friction within the tissue that produces heat to facilitate blood flow to the tissue. Because ultrasound softens the tissue to make it more pliable, it’s great to use on scar tissue after moderate muscle strain (tear). It is commonly used on superficial ligaments, tendons and muscles.

  • Rehabilitation

    Our Sport Physiotherapists are committed to getting you back to optimum health. We offer a full suite of exercise equipment and expertise to fast track your recovery.

  • Careers at Nose Creek Physiotherapy

    We are always on the lookout for talented Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists that would be positive additions to our team. For more information visit our Careers Page



  • Before the Physiotherapy I couldn’t use my left wrist to lift heavy stuff, there was pain and swelling, and I couldn’t sleep at night due to pain. After Physiotherapy, there is no pain and just a little bit of swelling on part of my left wrist. I’ve already used my hand for lifting groceries unlike before. My wrist is better than before.
    Ma Ann S. Lacson
  • Very painful right wrist and hand as a result of using a hand drill. Limited in typical activity. Therapy and exercise gradually reduced symptoms to the point where they aren’t noticeable except in specific circumstances, can now do most activities with no adverse efforts or limitations. Overall staff have been extremely pleasant and friendly, and very helpful with booking appointments, etc. Treatment has been professional with personal input for my condition, results are most satisfying.
    Bill White
  • Great skills and hands on treatment. They help you from where you are after the accident, and they work with you to get you back to your life style before the accident.
    George Wai
  • BEST physiotherapy and massage that I have ever had in Calgary. Thanks Blair and staff for 'getting me moving'!
    D’Arcy Browning
  • Amazing therapists, friendly and helpful staff. They truly live up to their motto of getting you moving faster! Thank you Nose Creek Physiotherapy!
    Chad Thompson
  • I have struggled with neck and back pain for several years as a result of my job as a teacher of the Deaf. I could not lift my arms for more than a couple minutes to write on the board, signing was painful, standing for extended periods of time was a challenge and made routine activities almost impossible. The team at Nose Creek Sport Physical Therapy were able to treat my symptoms, increase my range of motion, and help me strengthen my muscles to eliminate the pain. The staff is knowledgeable and very collaborative so no matter who you see, you are well cared for and your treatments are consistent. I have recommended Nose Creek Sport Physical Therapy to friends and colleagues and will continue to do so. - Michelle (Teacher)
    Michelle Dow
  • The staff here are friendly and very helpful. I've been here twice now for MVA treatment. I have recommended Nose Creek to friends in the past and will continue to do so.
    Zeb Williams
  • Before I started going to Nose Creek for Physiotherapy, I was having pain on my left hip and right knee from running and walking. As I was training for some 5km races and the Kidney March, I needed to get this fixed. I had 5 visits to learn some exercises to improve my pain and I am now pain free. I have continued my training and am capable of running the races that I have signed up for. Everyone was wonderful and extremely helpful during my treatments.I would definitely recommend Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy for anyone who needs Physiotherapy.
    Cyndi Seguin
  • My Name is Khalid, and I am 34 years old. I visited Nose Creek Physiotherapy due to an injury in my neck. Symptoms such as neck pain, hard to move my neck left, right, back and forward which was effecting my ability to move freely. After five visits, I was able to move my neck normally. My experience in the clinic was perfect, and the staff were professionally trained. I was happy dealing with them and I would recommend Nose Creek Physiotherapy to all patients.
    Kalid Masaud – Quality Control Engineer
  • I was referred to Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy by my neighbor who also fractured her wrist and was attending Physiotherapy at the Beddington location. I fractured my left wrist on December 25th, 2013 after a wonderful Christmas dinner at our daughter-in-law's home. After the removal of my cast I was in need of Physiotherapy for my hand, fingers and wrist. Upon entering the Beddington clinic both my husband and I were impressed with how friendly the desk staff were. I started Physiotherapy with Nicole Slomp – what a wonderful, friendly and happy Physiotherapist! Nicole was so positive at the start of my treatment and continued to encourage me over the eight weeks following. I will be graduating this Thursday, and I’m happy to recommend Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy to anyone living in Calgary.
    Elsie Bowe
  • The excellent treatment I received at Nose Creek has helped accelerate my recovery from my knee replacement surgery. All the staff a Nose Creek are very pleasant and well mannered and treat clients with respect and a friendly attitude. My Physiotherapist was absolutely first rate and extremely knowledgeable. I would not be anywhere near the level of recovery that I am at right now without them. Thank you so much for the excellent treatment and to all the staff at Nose Creek.
    Trevor J.O’Rourke – Professor of Instrumentation Engineering Technology
  • Jeanine Stott is one terrific lady as well as being one great Physiotherapist. She was always positive, answered all of my questions and inspired me to keep working. She has great interpersonal skills.
    Merlin Leyshon
  • Thanks Rob for all your help in getting my knees back in shape!A couple of weeks ago I was really wondering if I would be able to run again as the pain was so bad. After doing the stretches and strengthening you advised me to do, both knees have certainly come a long way.I was expecting a back of the pack result on Saturday night’s race, but my warm up suggested it was going to be a relatively pain free event! In spite of my lack of running (4 times in the last month) I was able to achieve a surprisingly good finish.Thanks again for your interest in helping me get back doing what I like to do!
    Kim Heinze
  • I had an operation to graft some tendon in my leg to repair my torn ACL, and repair a torn meniscus. I started therapy here a week later. Nicole was very encouraging every visit and listened to all my questions and worries. She was very knowledgeable about what was going on with my knee, and that gave me peace of mind. She was also very friendly. I am 6 months postop now, and although my leg does not feel back to its old self (that will come with time), I am fully functional. For that I am very grateful to Nicole! I definitely would recommend this place! When I would get a call from the receptionist to remind me of my appointment, after confirming it was me, she would always say “Hi Maria!”, as if greeting a friend, and that always felt nice!
    Maria Fountain, Postpartum Doula
  • Fantastic overall experience. My knee was causing me issues following a run (and by “issues” I mean I was peg-legging it up stairs to try and keep the pain in check). I had gone to a walk-in clinic, but other than confirming that there was no significant issue with the joint itself and to "stop running when it hurts", I had no insight into what triggered the problem and what I could do to speed the recovery. About 2-3 weeks before the relay date, I went to see Lucia. After the assessment appointment, I came away knowing that it was an issue with my IT band being super tight, knowing what steps we were going to take to treat it and confident that I’d be able to run in a couple weeks. This is WAY more helpful than "stop running when it hurts"! At each appointment Lucia reviewed my progress with me and clearly explained what we were going to do next.
    Brad Braun, Engineer
  • I have been a patient at Nose Creek Sports Physiotherapy a number of times over the past 6 years due to three car accidents (all whiplash related) and two personal fixer-uppers (plantar fasciitis and an aggravated shoulder injury). I have completely recovered from all five injuries 100% with the help of their highly competent staff. The first time I went there (at my own doctor’s referral after her recovery from whiplash) I could hardly move my right arm because I waited too long to begin treatment (never again!). My plantar fasciitis was brutal, I was in a lot of pain before I received treatment there and now it is completely gone! I know others who have gone elsewhere for treatment and are still experiencing problems after their treatments have stopped. The exercises I’ve learned will stay with me for the rest of my life to ensure my physical health continues to be at its best. I even took my young child there after two car accidents for treatment and she is doing fantastic. I can’t recommend them enough.
    Wendy DeMontigny, Legal Assistant
  • I was seen at your clinic with a neck problem, which caused headaches, difficulty moving my head back and forth and just in general stiffness in the neck and shoulder area. After several treatments the headaches were reduced. I also find that I am able to turn my head back and forth with less pain, and the stiffness is much better. Lucia, the Physiotherapist I saw, was excellent, and I would have no hesitation in booking further appointments if needed. The staff at Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy was friendly and there was very little, if any, waiting time. I would definitely recommend you.
    Shirley J Engelman, Retired
  • I had a sharp shoulder pain for about 2 years before going to Physiotherapy at Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy. What I did not know was that my injury was a result of an improper weight training exercise program. I was not able to lift my hand over the head or to go mountain biking because the shoulder hurt so bad.I went to see Blair and after several sessions my shoulder felt 100% better, I was able to enjoy proper weight training exercises, mountain biking and I could now easily lift my hand over my head.I was really impressed with the way Blair explained to me what the problem was, how the shoulder joint works and what I need to do to make it better. He had a way to make exercises fun and to get you “moving faster” if you follow his exercise program.I really enjoyed working with everybody at Nose Creek Sports Physiotherapy, the whole team is great, always ready to help you and put a smile on your face.Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy is definitely a place that I highly recommend.
    George Rotaru, Veterinarian
  • Before coming to see Anthony Giorgianni I had only ever had Physiotherapy three times in my life, many years ago. Prior to Physiotherapy with Anthony my left hand and middle fingers had restricted movement from an old football injury in late 2009. I thought the healing would eventually come over the years on its own; however my hand began to seize up. I was unable to make a fist and had very weak grip strength. This was difficult because my job demanded that I be able to grab, pull, turn and lift with both my hands.Anthony taught me hand/finger exercises alongside ultrasounds done by Katie that helped break down the scar tissue in my hand. Today my hands are 80% better than they were just a few weeks ago. I planned follow up appointments as I noticed immediate relief and days later I’m pain free. The entire office was very friendly and efficient – they even knew my name which was very nice. I enjoy the office and location. I have already recommended Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy to my friends and co-workers.
    Dave MacInnes, Air Supply
  • My neck, shoulder and upper back muscles (shoulder blade area) were very sore and stiff. It had been slowly getting worse for about 4 months. I tried to cope with it and heal it without Physiotherapy – with no success. Due to the stiffness in my neck muscles, it was becoming increasingly harder to drive the car (difficult to shoulder check), and to sleep at night (waking several times per night with pain). It took about 2 months of Physiotherapy with Blair & Lucia, but now I am pain free! I can drive the car and sleep at night with absolutely NO pain! Their treatment, as always, is very effective and they always make sure I have the right homework (exercises) to strengthen the muscles and keep me moving properly.I have been a client of Blair’s at Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy for at least 6 years. Blair and all his staff have always been very knowledgeable, positive, cheerful, supportive and very professional. They are highly skilled and have good integrity – they are always “up front” about their assessment and estimated length of duration for treatment. They make a point of giving their clients strategies and exercises, with the hope that the same problems won’t re-occur.I would definitely recommend Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy to others. Blair and his staff are dedicated to helping people, and they do a great job! They are people who are in the right profession, at the right time, for the right reasons!
    Cathy Ormon, Weight Loss Coach
  • Prior to treatment, I was being seen by my family physician for a car accident which re-injured a lower back disc. My movement was limited to 50%, getting in and out of the car was painful, sitting was limited to 20 min or less and sleeping was very difficult as I could not turn over without experiencing sharp lower back pain. She suggested I see Blair and his team at Nose Creek as they were the best. It was suggested by Blair to see him twice a week and Paul (Massage Therapist) once a week.My lower back function has improved since starting my treatments and continues to get better every week.Having never experienced a Physiotherapy clinic before I wasn’t sure what to expect or what the outcome would be, but Blair and Paul have been and continue to be a large part of my recovery and I could not have come this far without them. Their support and constant reassurance is infectious and gives me confidence that I can make a complete recovery.The atmosphere is clean and bright and I am always greeted by friendly, professional support staff which makes the drive from Okotoks worth it, even when the Deerfoot is backed up.I have and will continue to recommend this clinic to all my friends and family.
    Carmen Lussier, Realtor
  • Before going to Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy my back hurt so bad that I would have to hang on to the counter in the morning to be able to stand. I could not bend over the sink to wash my face and grabbing the 1 liter jug of milk from the refrigerator was not an option, it was impossible to carry it.I have an old fractured vertebra in my back and 2 prolapsed discs and I knew that my back would flare up once in a while but this time I thought "this is it!"- no more biking or skiing, no more gardening or yoga and above all, having to reduce my hours at work and not being able to fully enjoy what I love the most: being a Veterinarian! I just could not see how things could improve. And this is when Blair and his team proved me wrong.With their help I was able to return to 100% normal function, my back does not hurt anymore, I am able to do again all things that I love, I am skating and skiing, back to yoga, full time Veterinarian, swimming and biking!I had a great experience at Nose Creek, Blair is very knowledgeable and experienced, he always believed that I would get back to normal and always encouraged me when I had a set back. The whole team was great, very friendly and helpful.I highly recommend them to anybody that has any sort of joint/muscle injury, had orthopedic surgery or that wants to learn how to exercise properly!Life is good again, a big thank you to the whole team at Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy.
    Gabriela Rotaru, Veterinarian
  • First of all I want to personally thank each and every one of you for all your help during my back injury. I was injured November 2011 and had to wait until Dec 2012 to see the first surgeon. I explained to her that I had started with Physiotherapy and eventually saw a personal trainer and also lost some weight. I was walking three times a day and doing as much as I could with lifting as well as wearing the belt. She said that if I had listened to my family doctor who had told me not to do anything and wait for the surgeon’s suggestion that I would be in a bad situation. I worked hard losing weight, pushing my body and now 14 months later I just saw the second surgeon and he also confirmed no surgery is necessary. Over Christmas I pushed my body even more, started to jog on the treadmill, was able to sit longer than an hour so went on a road trip as well as went quading and sledding. No pain!Thank you for making a HUGE difference in my life. At 37 years old I never wanted back surgery and thankfully with the help and encouragement from you all, I was able to beat it.
    Erin Morgan
  • I was referred to Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists by my wife (BNI referral) in March 2012. At the time, mobility in my right arm and shoulder was greatly limited and severe, shooting pain attended every attempt to move the arm beyond such limited range. I could not raise the arm straight up above my head up to my right ear. I also could not use the arm to reach behind me without experiencing a significant amount of pain.After receiving therapy at Nose Creek twice a week for about three weeks, I noticed significant improvement but still not 100% restored. Due to my work schedule, I could not continue attending the sessions but I stuck with the exercises I was given by Blair and his team. Within three months all the symptoms were gone. As I write almost a year later, I have full range of motion in my right arm, and have not had pain for almost nine months. It is actually better than the other arm now because of the care and exercises from Nose Creek.My overall experience at Nose Creek was pleasant. I appreciated the friendly interaction in such a professional environment. I highly recommend Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists to anyone in need of their services
    Dele Ajele
  • Blair, I don’t know how to adequately express my appreciation for how you have helped me.After receiving such great care from you after my hip and knee replacements over the past couple of years, I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else when my back gave me such grief. It certainly wasn’t an overnight fix, but for the bulk of this year, you and codeine were my best friends. Now, thanks to your most excellent ministrations, I don’t need either of you!!I have gone from being barely functional with days of breath-taking pain to enjoying my work at the office, volunteering and housekeeping duties. It’s no exaggeration to say you’ve given me my life back, and I will be dancing at the weddings of all our grandchildren.I will miss your great attitude – you’re a super motivator – and your staff. I feel like I’ve left some good friends behind, but I am glad we no longer have to meet this way!I am pleased to continue recommending you to anyone who needs superior care – I have told several people how you helped me with that awful dizziness. Who knew Physiotherapy could fix that?!To close, thank you, thank you and thank you again – to you and all your great staff.
    Arlene Carlson
  • I've been there for two car accidents and one sports injury, and every time I'm impressed by how fast I recover with their help. They know their stuff! And they're very friendly. I'll always prefer to go here, and I'll recommend them to anyone.
    Amber Jappert
  • Best group of Physiotherapists I've had yet! So accommodating & caring. They always have their patients best interest at heart. Thanks for all you do!
    Colette Barnstable
  • Staff are friendly, the Physiotherapists are very knowledgeable and most importantly, they constantly work with the goal to reduce the amount of treatment required.
    J Landolt
  • Professional, courteous and hard-working. Results (for me) were dramatic and immediate. Got me moving again quickly after a minor sports injury.
    Bag Avid
  • Unfortunately I was involved in a motor vehicle collision and needed to seek physical therapy and massage therapy treatment for my symptoms. I was struggling with acute on chronic neck and upper back pain and stiffness. Blair and Bernadette used their respective skills and knowledge to identify the source areas causing my symptoms and come up with a reasonable treatment plan to address my issues of muscle weakness and stiffness. Being a health care provider myself, I am particularly aware of the type of service I receive and appreciate a high degree of skill, patient-provider relationship and collaborative team approach - all of which I experienced at this clinic. I always felt well attended to and comfortable in bringing up any questions or concerns about my body that I had. Combining physical therapy and massage was a great approach for me. Although I have now completed my formal treatment program, I benefited so much from aspects of my treatment that I'll continue with a home care plan as well as massages with Bernadette!
    Naminder Sandhu
  • Before I started going to Nose Creek for physical therapy, I was having pain on my left hip and right knee from running and walking. As I was training for some 5km races and the Kidney March, I needed to get this fixed. I had five visits to learn some exercises to improve my pain and I am now pain free. I have continued my training and I am capable of running the races that I have signed up for. Everyone was wonderful and extremely helpful during my treatments. I would definitely recommend Nose Creek Sport Physical Therapy for anyone who needs physical therapy.
    Cyndi Seguin, Ultrasound Technologist

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