Nose Creek Physiotherapy - where talent gets discovered.

Experienced Physiotherapists for Mentoring

Nose Creek Physiotherapy Clinicians cover many specialties and sub-specialties. Our clinics treat large numbers of people, providing our Clinicians with extensive experience in treating different conditions.

On Boarding Process

Nose Creek Physiotherapy has a well thought out on boarding process that gives you the know-how and support needed to build your practice within our clinics’ systems.  

Satisfied Clients and an Unparalleled Experience

Our clients tell us that the quality of their customized programs, our attention to them and the efficiency of their visit results in Physiotherapy care like they’ve never experienced.

Innovation and Research

Part of Nose Creek Physiotherapy’s mission is to keep looking for new and better ways of doing things. We as a team are always updating our skills and engaged in better ways of managing different client conditions. Our clients and team members all benefit from this collaborative approach generated by both clinics and shared at monthly clinical rounds.

Many Viewpoints

Our Clinicians ask one another for advice and collaborate as team members. At Nose Creek Physiotherapy, you don’t get just one opinion; you have multiple opinions available to you. This results in better care and better answers for you.

One-Stop Care

Nose Creek Physiotherapy is one of the top Physiotherapy clinics in Calgary; however there will always be a difficult case that does not have the outcome we desire. When this happens, we embrace other treatments and have a good working relationship with several other other healthcare service providers that we refer our clients to. We work with other health care professionals to help our clients achieve their best health outcomes. We help our clients with scheduling of these other healthcare service providers to ensure they are coordinated in an efficient way, so what might take months in another setting is done in a matter of days at Nose Creek Physiotherapy.  


Nose Creek Physiotherapy clinics are very well appointed.  We have great well-maintained equipment. We offer Physical Therapy Assistance and Front Desk Support Staff.  This supports our ability to give you the best environment to treat clients.

Experience and Reach

Nose Creek Physiotherapy has been a part of the community for over 15 years. We have years of experience providing Physiotherapy to this community. Being a part of this community is important to us and we take an active role in the community. Our reach is broad – we’ve treated people from all over Calgary, and those people tell us they are highly satisfied with their experience.

We are always on the lookout for talented Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists that would be positive additions to our team. For more information about positions we are currently hiring, please contact the clinic directly by phone or through our contact page