Checklist For Your Workstation:

  1. The front of your chair seat should contact you just below your kneecap when you stand in front of your chair for proper seat height.
  2. When you sit on the chair, if the seat pan adjusts, create a slight forward tilt so that 50% of your trunk weight is on the back of your thighs and 50% is on your sit bones.
  3. The back of your chair should support your trunk in a vertical position; tilt the back of the chair up so it supports your lower back.
  4. Hips and elbows should be at approximately 90 to 110 degrees.
  5. Your wrist should be in a neutral flat position when you place your hands on the keyboard.
  6. Monitor height – the visual top of your monitor should be at your eye level.
  7. Monitor distance should be roughly an arm’s length away.

If you are still experiencing pain while sitting for long periods, you may want to consider purchasing a lumber roll to keep you more upright, or ball chair to sit more actively during the day. If pain still persists, call and book an assessment.


How to Set Up Your Computer Station Properly