Postual Stretches

As the day goes on we all lose out to gravity, if we are not taking stretching breaks and walks. Our postural stretches will give your body a chance to straighten up and will remain more upright. Over time you will start to notice less tension in your neck and upper back muscles. We recommend that you do these exercises 3 times a day to maintain, if not gain, more range of motion. Stretching these muscles will help decompress your spine and reduce your postural compression during the day at work.

Stretches for Posture

  • Lateral stretch and sky reach stretch

    Lateral stretch – sitting in your chair, reach above your head with one arm, place your other arm on your hip, then lean towards that hip and hold for 10 seconds, hold longer as you get more comfortable, then repeat on the opposite side, do 2 times if it feels tight, once if not tight.


    Sky stretch – sitting in your chair, reach with both straight arms above your head to stretch into a more upright posture, hold for 10 seconds, hold longer as you get more comfortable, then repeat 2 times if it feels tight, once if not tight.


  • Lunge and reach and rotation stretches

    Rotation stretches – sitting in your chair, place your hands behind your head and push your chest out, then slowly rotate as far as you can one way then the other way until you feel a strong stretch hold 5 seconds, repeat 3 times on each side.




    Hip Flexor stretch – in standing, place one foot forwards and one back, then pelvic tilt by tucking your tail under and flattening your lower back, this should result in a stretch in the front of your hip of the back leg. Now lunge forwards 2 inches and squeeze your buttock on that same side to increase the hip stretch. Then simple reach your opposite arm up and back to create a rotation stretch in the opposite direction. Hold for 20 seconds, repeat 2 times if tight.


  • Doorway Stretch

    Place arms on doorway at elbow height. Place one foot through the doorway, and lean chest and hips through doorway until you feel a stretch. Hold for 30 seconds, repeat twice.

    TMJ Doorway stretch

  • Wall Stretch

    Standing against a wall/post, raise your straight arm as high as possible until you feel a stretch, with palms facing the ceiling then the wall above you. Hold at end range for 10 seconds then slowly lower arms. Repeat 10 times.

    TMJ Wall stretchStart

    TMJ Wall stretchFinish