Alison is from Montreal, where she completed both her Bachelor’s of Science majoring in Physical Therapy and her Master’s of Physical Therapy at McGill University. She took full advantage of her time there by volunteering with several of McGill’s varsity teams, including the cross country running, track & field, swimming, and rugby teams. Alison also received McGill’s Lois Radcliffe Memorial Scholarship for excellence in academics and clinical practice.

A passionate runner herself, she has had experience recovering from several injuries, learning that a little patience and hard work can go a long way! By taking care of injuries earlier, you can decrease the rehab time and the risk of reoccurrence. Aside from running, she loves all outdoor activities, especially cross country & downhill skiing, hiking, biking, and swimming. Alison believes in a hands-on, active approach that includes movement assessment, manual therapy, and exercise to get you back to doing the things you love! Alison is looking forward to doing more training in pelvic floor rehabilitation and manual therapy.

Clinical Interests:

Running Injury Prevention

Lower Leg/Ankle


Shoulder Dysfunction

  • I just completed a series of sessions for recovery from a Bunionectomy. I was thoroughly impressed with Alison Walford and the treatment sessions she provided. I started with some mobility but with tenderness and limited strength after being confirmed to an aircast boot for 6 weeks. Alison provided exercises that I could do in my everyday routines. I found myself brushing my teeth balancing on one foot, thinking of proper toe pushing technique going up the stairs, and doing lunges going from room to room in my home. The exercises were easy to do and without the need to buy new equipment. Alison has a knowledgeable and attentive demeanour. She answered my questions truthfully and even showed me how to 'activate' my arches. I felt the strength and stability in my foot getting better as the weeks went by. I recommended Alison to my husband. He needs to have a refresh on neck exercises for bone spurs. I am sure he will be just as pleased as I am!
    Lynne Forde
  • I started treatment following a workplace injury. I had a lot of back and neck pain, and restricted mobility. My Therapist Alison really helped me figure out what was wrong, and gave me a lot of advice about how to correct some behaviour to prevent injury. Therapy helped me return to normal and feel great again.
    Kirk Ramdath

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