Born and raised in Vancouver, Blake Chalmers graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Victoria in 2011. He completed his Master’s degree in Physical Therapy at the University of Manitoba in 2016. After travelling across Canada for schooling, Blake is happy to be settling in Calgary close to the mountains.

Blake grew up being involved in as many activities as he could, including mountain biking, snowboarding, skateboarding, soccer, golfing and running. His passion for remaining active continues to this day through working out, running, snowboarding and cross country skiing.

Blake is a dedicated student of lifelong learning and desires to give the most up-to-date treatments available to his patients. Blake looks forward to continuing his education in Manual Therapy and to eventually attain his diploma in Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy. Blake strives to provide the best possible care to his patients through effective communication, gentle Manual Therapy and precise exercise programs tailored for the individual.

Clinical Interests:


Acute Sprains & Strains


Lower Back Pain


Neck Pain


Shoulder Dysfunction


  • Over the last year I’ve had two knee replacements. Blake helped me through both. At first I wasn’t able to walk, stand or manage stairs. After my second session of Physio, I am now able to manage all three. My first session after knee number one gave me more mobility, walking and standing became easier. I am now finished sessions after knee number two and I am able to manage stairs, walking and standing with no trouble. I am almost pain free and will be back to normal soon.  
    Karen Smith
  • When I first came in, I hardly could move my arm, and could not drive with my right hand; it hurt in the right shoulder. After six weeks of Physiotherapy I feel much better. I can drive and the pain is gone. Thank you Blake!
    Winnie Chiu
  • My name is Lorena, I have been in a lot of pain all over on the right side of my body since December of last year, diagnosed with Osteoarthritis, Scoliosis and having on and off sciatic nerve pain. I visited a few times a Chiropractor, Massage Therapist and even tried Acupuncture, but nothing made me feel better. I found Nose Creek Physiotherapy online, looking for a close to home Physiotherapist. I was booked to see Blake, and after few visits (I was unable to finish all my treatments due to insurance coverage), I feel 90% better! Blake is gentle, patient and I was impressed with his knowledge on how to find my pain even when I didn't tell him where it was, Blake never make me wait between exercises or whenever I was using the heating pads. I am very pleased with his treatments and I will recommend him to everyone I know.
    The staff at that location are friendly and pleasant to talk to, they always call to remind me of my upcoming appointment.
    Thank you Blake for making me feel better and for offering me help by calling or emailing you anytime.
    Lorena Cavero
  • Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy Clinic had been suggested to me by the WCB. Thank you so much to Blake Chalmers, for the unbelievable reconstruction of muscles, tendons and bones after my fall injury. His calm, friendly and encouraging personality, accurate diagnosis, specific manipulations and targeted exercises did the trick. After only six weeks I am fully capable to perform all my work duties of heavy lifting, climbing stairs and standing and sitting for long periods. I'm most pleased that I can return to my yoga, tai chi, hiking and bicycling without discomfort. Kayaking is hopefully next!Being greeted at the front desk by friendly, caring, competent staff before my appointments meant a great deal to my recovery as well. Their extra care to treat my lower back with electric stimulation and heat after each session was awesome.I highly recommend this facility.
    C Waye
  • I had surgery to repair a tear in my rotator cuff at the end of November. Nose Creek Physiotherapy was listed as a service/repair destination after surgery. I called for an appointment and met Blake a few days later. He was very knowledgeable about my recent repair and quickly had me doing a variety of exercises at the clinic, followed by ice and the use of a Tens machine. I was a bit apprehensive on the first visit but Blake eased my concerns and I quickly looked forward to our weekly appointments. Blake was very encouraging and was always ready with a forward moving plan at each visit. Continuing the exercises at home in between appointments helped immensely in my recovery and Blake echoed these thoughts.The front staff always called to remind me of my appointment and greeted me by name each visit. I highly recommend Nose Creek Physiotherapy and if you are lucky enough to be helped by Blake you will be in very good hands.
    Norm Olsen
  • My experience at Nose Creek clinic was amazing. The staff is very friendly, and very helpful. With regards to my physiotherapist service it was a great help for me because he did his best that I can recover what I had experienced in a car accident. Blake is an excellent physiotherapist and I am satisfied with his great and 100% services. Before every time I move, I carried heavy objects I was devastated, and frustrated in my back and neck pain. But today I am fully recovered. Thanks Nose Creek staff/PT Blake I felt better!
    Emmy Babor
  • I had the best time, my therapist (Blake Chalmers) was very talented; he knew how to find ALL the tender spots, even the ones I didn’t know I had. He also knew all the best exercises and got me functioning much more quickly than I had thought possible. Before I could hardly move without experiencing pain, and now I can do most things with only slight pain! I would recommend him to everyone.
    Catherine Hutchinson
  • I have been going to the Beddington location, since my surgery, and have high praise for the physiotherapists I have seen there. In particular Blake and Shelby. They are not only helpful but caring as well.
    Cat Emond

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