Massage Therapist

Emilio is a registered Massage Therapist who graduated from Lethbridge College with 2200 hours. With a curriculum heavily based on the assessment and release of soft tissues in order to correct dysfunction and relieve varying symptoms, his knowledge of anatomy and physiology is implemented into every treatment, maximizing each client’s results.

Emilio has had a large variety of experience with sports and activities, including snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, camping, weight and power lifting, running and swimming. Growing up, Emilio’s biggest sport was playing football. Knowing from personal experience how trauma can affect the human body, Emilio has a powerful functional knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Gathered from personal and client experience, Emilio knows what treatment approach is most effective for the wide variety of injuries and conditions out there and how to maximize the recovery process.

Emilio’s future career goals are to become trained in a variety of techniques and modalities such as the Graston Technique that are used specifically to treat post-surgical scar tissue. Again, from personal experience, Emilio knows how post-surgical scar tissue can significantly reduce a person’s function and mobility. Speeding up the recovery process and getting clients back to maximum function is Emilio’s biggest passion in his work.

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