MScPT, BSc Physiology

Beddington Physiotherapist

Lisa Sametz moved from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan over a year ago and is a Physiotherapist. She completed 2 degrees from the University of Saskatchewan: a Bachelor of Science – Physiology degree in 2010 and a Masters in Physical Therapy in 2014. Since graduating, Lisa has been pursuing her diploma in Manipulative Therapy with the Canadian Orthopaedic Division and has become certified to administer IMS Dry Needling.

Lisa understands both sides of the therapeutic relationship, patient and therapist, which allows her to bring forth a level of sincere compassion and thus develop genuine rapport. Her desire to pursue continuing education allows her to be as thorough, precise and up-to-date in delivering the most effective treatment options. What makes the rehabilitation experience unique with Lisa is the overall experience. She brings an upbeat demeanor, persistent motivation and endless encouragement to support and achieve optimal recovery for her clients.

Lisa started an athletic career in artistic gymnastics at the age of 3 and entered the competitive stream at age 6, pursuing the sport at national and international levels from ages 11 to 17. Due to the intense nature in the sport, Lisa frequently attended physiotherapy as a young girl, which sparked her interest in choosing this career. When Lisa is not in the office, she enjoys spin and yoga classes as well as outdoor activities such as snowboarding, horseback riding, running and hiking.

Clinical Interests:


Orthopaedic Rehabilitation


Spinal Pain


Acute Strains & Sprains

Conservative Shoulder & Postsurgical Shoulder


  • "I had fallen victim to muscle imbalance in my right leg as a result of a flawed workout regime. This was causing my knee to swell from time to time making it difficult to walk up and down stairs and demotivating me do anything other than sit on my couch all day....until I met Lisa Sametz, a god send of a physiotherapist .She took me in and immediately got to work. Her knowledge base and passion for physiotherapy is out of this world and you definitely feel a sense of trust the moment you are in her care. I just graduated from my physio treatment and my imbalance is on the mend! I am very satisfied with the exceptionally detailed and caring service I received. Thank you Lisa!"
    Arleta Tyzo
  • I highly recommend Lisa Sametz and Nose Creek Physiotherapy. She is extremely professional and very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. She knows her stuff and she cares a great deal about getting you fixed up. Always a positive greeting with a smile that does wonders when you're down in the dumps with your condition. This time it was my shoulder and it took a little longer but I felt stronger and healthier in the end. 2-1/2 years ago it was a third degree hamstring tear but she had me back playing hockey in 2-1/2 months. Thank you Lisa and the staff at Nose Creek Physiotherapy.
    Tim Berezuk
  • I work in an MVA related field and know that the right Physiotherapist is everything in recovery from injury. So glad I went to Lisa after my own accident. The recovery was longer than I expected but she persisted, provided excellent care and thankfully got me back to pre-injury function. She is very personable, friendly and knowledgeable. Her IMS treatment helped me immensely. In fact, I don't think I would have been able to work full-time or continue my day to day without it. I have already recommended her to a friend and wouldn't hesitate to return if needed. Thanks Lisa!
  • I decided to see Lisa after a few months of my shoulder bothering me, I finally caved in when I couldn't lift my arm parallel or had to swing it into action due to pain. I had a tight timeline as I was headed to fire school within two months of first seeing Lisa and I needed my shoulder Honestly, after one appointment I was able to freely move my own arm up and down, and after two appointments was using bands and 5lb weights and kept progressing from there. Lisa was seriously incredible each week I saw her, very professional, but yet helps every one of her clients feel at ease! I would definitely come back if I were to need it, and would recommend her to anyone I know! Thank you for everything Lisa! :)
    Jocelyn Froehlich
  • The struggles of finding good health practitioners in Alberta are real, however Lisa at Nose Creek stands out like a sore thumb. Not only does she provide honest and tailored solutions for your body's needs, but she actually LISTENS to what you have to say. Is the sky falling yet?!I've been through a few physios and have always found they're empathetic with the work they do, yet Lisa takes it to the next level. I highly recommend her for all your body's aches and pains.
    Kamran Chaudhry
  • I went to go see Lisa Sametz recently regarding a shoulder injury that I had neglected for a number of years. Lisa and her team were able to diagnose the issue immediately and began effective treatment on my very first visit. The results were noticeable right away! It only took a small number of visits, and incorporating the exercises she gave me into my workout routine, before my shoulder began to feel like it did prior to the injury. I had begun to forget what life was like without the pain, so I am very grateful that Lisa was able to help me remember what pain-free living was like! Would recommend her to anyone!
    Cole Westersund
  • Leading up to and during the first stages of treatment, I went through severe daily leg pain. My days started with excruciating pain with the simple task of just getting out of bed and sitting down, lasting anywhere from a half hour on good days to an hour and a half. Throughout the day, finding a comfortable position to rest in was almost impossible. Walking what little distances I could would trigger high amounts of pain, turning me into a constant hunchback. Finally my days ended with sleepless nights lying in bed with constant, nagging pain. Thankfully I was assigned with Lisa who was/is an amazing help. She was able to diagnose the issue quickly and explain the condition in a detailed manner. After months of ongoing treatment, the condition steadily got better. Pain in the mornings decreased and shortened, I could walk longer and longer distances and eventually walk up straight, and finally sleep without constant pain. Now after a long journey to recovery I am fully healed, thanks to Lisa with her expertise, patience and kindness, as well as the rest of the friendly staff at Nose Creek Physio. With the service and treatment I received, I would certainly recommend Nose Creek Physio to others.
    Tenzin Gyatso
  • Thank you so much for working with me and encouraging me to push through the difficult exercises and succeed in my recovery. This clinic has very high standards and the best physiotherapists in Calgary, bless you Lisa.
    Earlana Fraser
  • I highly recommend Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy, not only do they have great staff but they are also well equipped to assist with your recovery. Lisa was extremely knowledgeable and professional, she is highly personable and I really looked forward to my sessions with her. It was very evident in her work that she is passionate about her job and that she truly cares for her patient's well being. I am now back on my feet and want to give a big thank you to Lisa Sametz and the rest of the staff at Nose Creek!
    Darnell Glass
  • Being in the nursing field I thought I knew everything about my anatomy, so of course when I injured myself I was skeptical about seeing a therapist. I went to the Beddington location and saw Lisa Sametz. She was very knowledgeable, kind and reassured me that it will take time but we will get there. She also treated my husband and we are both back to normal and doing great. I highly recommend Lisa!
    Samantha Alexander
  • I was misdiagnosed with tennis elbow for 7 months, I went to my family doctor twice, and got a second opinion from another. The pain got so bad that even driving and cooking was almost unbearable. I decided it was time to try out Physiotherapy, I came here because of the stellar reviews and they did not disappoint. Lisa performed a number of tests and quickly figured out it wasn't tennis elbow, she was very patient and professional. Lisa gave me some stretches and exercises to do at home and three weeks later I'm back at work. Thank you so much!
    Allan Jordan
  • I have been seeing Lisa since I was able to do Physio after my hip replacement. I felt so confident with her abilities that I used her skills again for my 2nd hip replacement. It is indeed a pleasure to deal with someone who is so professional and still takes the time to listen. I will continue to tell friends about her, keep up the good work Lisa.
    Judy Davis

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