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Rebecca Yin is a registered Massage Therapist with over 22,000 hours experience. She’s graduated from the Ontario Wellsprings Medical Colleges Advanced Massage Therapy Diploma, as well as the Ontario Chinese Medical College professional Acupuncture Diploma in 1997. Rebecca’s passion has always been people and communication, and her interest in Orthopedic Massage Therapy stems from a large passion to make people feel better. Rebecca is highly sought after due to her positive outlooks and friendly smile.  

Rebecca has 16 years of experience when it comes to the art of Massage and Acupuncture. She is also quite experienced in Meridians and Thai style Massage, while also knowledgeable in Cuppings and Cervical Orthopedics Massage. You can rely on her treatment skills in many areas, with additional certifications such as her Cervical Orthopedic Massage certificate. Rebecca love’s the joy she receives from working and helping people feel better, as well as when people leave feeling great and satisfied.

Languages: Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Clinical Interests:

Headache Pressure Release and Relaxation

Orthopedic Massage for the Neck and Back

Treat Shoulder Pain Limitations

Sports Injuries

Cupping Massage

Acupressure Massage


  • I saw Rebecca for the first time yesterday and I thought she was amazing. She has a very good feel for the body and is very intuitive to what it needs, and she is clearly very experienced. I am really particular about massage therapists, and I have only praise for her. She really was fabulous, and I highly recommend her. I'm looking forward to seeing her again!
    Kathy Conquergood
  • Went for massage with Rebecca today and just wanted to thank her for all the help. Great massage. I feel like a new man.
    Adam Dardano
  • Rebecca Yin, RMT, Acupuncture at the Beddington C0-0P Centre is excellent at her job, efficient and positive results from both massage therapy & acupuncture.One thing that I find unique about Rebecca as a massage therapist is that she does a professional and intuitive analysis of your situation. I am always impressed where and how she dedicates her time on/in the massage. Another thing is that she always checks in, is this too hard or more pressure?Rebecca always has a positive attitude and a person really feels that they got there full hour of attention and great massage. She gives practical and useful suggestions after the massage for stretching or heat pads, and even some yoga input to my routines.Rebecca's main asset as a massage therapist is that she is qualified in Chinese medicine and I been honored to have had the opportunity to explore these new healing methods for/on me.
    Susan Fae
  • Rebecca Yin, RMT, Acupuncture, (Massage Therapist) at Nose Creek Sports Physiotherapy, Beddington is a remarkable healer. Yin is skilled in Chinese medicine, which is a bonus when going for a massage. Most importantly, she listens to your concerns and then assesses your body for the most efficient and practical therapy based on your situation. Your time is well spent, not a minute passes without you being treated for tight or sore muscles.I highly recommend Rebecca Yin for Massage Therapy (especially Thai). Not only will you get a quality, unique massage but she wishes you good health by suggesting stretches and other ideas to maintain your body strength.
    Susan F.
  • I used to have home massage with my favorite masseuse but when she started her own business in Airdrie, my husband told me to try this Nose Creek in January of 2016. I have been seeing Rebecca Yin since then and she does great in her profession. As a matter of fact, I have recommended a friend who lives close by to try her as well.
    Bevkev Rutherford
  • I have had Massage Therapy for two occasions now. Rebecca is simply the greatest! When I came in the first time, I had excruciating pain in my shoulders and terrible headache. After my session, the pain was so little and it helped me a lot to study and prepare for my final exams. Today was my follow up session, and the combination of Massage, hot pack and Acupuncture was the best. I recommend the Massage Therapy at Nose Creek!
    Mary Grace Rastrullo-Gueco
  • Looking for the best Massage Therapist ever? Well look no further, as you'll find Rebecca Yin, MTAAhere at Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy. I actually came across Rebecca when she worked at adowntown hotel spa. I called to book an appointment with her, but was informed me she no longerworked there. So what did I do next? I Googled her and found her here at Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy!Rebecca's technique is unparalleled; she has almost a sixth sense, knowing exactly where your problem areas areand using a magical combination of pressure and technique to relieve the tension in your muscles.What I love about Rebecca is that she really customizes your treatment, from Thai massageto hot stones; she does what she thinks is necessary to help you. I'm extremely tight in myshoulders and neck, and she had no issue breaking out the heating pad and hot stones, incorporatingthem into my session to help loosen up my muscles. Don't be shocked if she gets right up on yourmassage table and digs into those tightly knotted muscles, making her one of the best MassageTherapists I have ever had. Prices are reasonable, $90 for 60 minutes. Nose Creek Physiotherapyalso direct bills your insurance provider if you wish. Don't expect some luxury spa; it's a clinic, but themassage room is neat and tidy. I don't need all the spa amenities; I care about the quality and skill of aMassage Therapist. I'm so glad I tracked her down and found her here; I'll be a regular for as long asRebecca works at Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy.
    Jenny H.
  • She gives great massages that make you feel so much better during and after – her friendly good nature attitude along with her very skilled and crafted profession as a Message Therapist makes her one of the best in my books and a returning customer.
    Lobsang Leba
  • I limped into Rebecca’s massage room with a throbbing pain in my right thigh and hip. Rebecca used active release with needles and I could feel the pain fade away. At first I could hardly tolerate the sore spots to be touched and then after Rebecca worked her magic I finally felt relief and the sore spots were gone!
    Lori Kearney

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