Prior to completing her Masters of Science Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta in 2017, Shelby completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Science from the University of Lethbridge in 2013 and a Certificate in Disability and Community Rehabilitation in 2014. She is certified in Soft Tissue Release and is actively working toward her Sport Physiotherapy and Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Diplomas.

Throughout her Master’s Degree, Shelby worked as a Team Trainer for a AAA minor midget hockey team, as well as the Team Alberta Female Hockey program at the 2016 Alberta Winter Games, the Okanagan Hockey Academy-Edmonton and the University of Alberta Wrestling Team for the 2015-2016 season. Currently, she works part time for a AAA major midget hockey team in Calgary and the Okanagan Hockey Group.

Along with her studies and role as a Team Trainer, Shelby has been awarded the first and second year Physical Therapy Student Scholarship, as well as the 2016 University of Alberta Exceptional Varsity Therapist Award.  In her spare time she enjoys running triathlons and spending time with friends and family.

Next Physical Challenge

On June 10th 2018, Shelby and approximately 1300 other athletes will be partaking in IRONMAN’s Boulder Race, winding along the creeks and city parks of the Flatirons Mountains in Boulder, Colorado. This event is a celebration of their fitness level, considering it can take up to a year of fitness endurance training to complete this race! The course is approximately 190 miles in length and combines swimming, biking, and running – making for an extremely fast, breathtaking, and difficult race to the finish line! For more information, check it out here: goo.gl/iRNSHD

Clinical Interests


Sports Injuries


Concussion Management


Chronic Pain


  • Shelby really listened to me and she didn’t overwhelm me with too much. I couldn’t do some things, and with her exercises I would come back the next week and I was able to do it. She gave me exercises that really addressed my problem, and I saw such great improvements. Thank you Shelby!
    Margaret McAvoy
  • Thank you so much for all your help in getting my shoulder back to normal.  You are very kind, patient and encouraging. The exercises you gave me all helped with getting movement back.
  • I was very lucky to have Shelby as my physiotherapist during my recovery. I cannot stress enough how much her treatments and expertise directly contributed to my return to full health. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking help recovering from an injury.
    Blake Snead
  • I found Shelby to be very professional in her diagnostic and treatment techniques. The treatments she gave me, including the daily exercise routine, facilitated my recovery from a neck injury. Her personal approach and sincere interest in my well-being were greatly appreciated. Thank you Shelby for a very positive physiotherapy experience.
    Ida Thomson
  • Shelby is a very knowledgeable and professional Physiotherapist. She has been treating me and guiding me through post-knee surgery protocol. While under her care she has provided and directed me on exercises to strengthen my knee, as well as provide stretching techniques to alleviate and reduce pain. She is an expert and I would recommend her to friends and family.
    Matthew Craig
  • As a "graduate" of physio I want to express my appreciation for your efforts to help me regain use of my hand and arm following radial head replacement in my elbow. Having gone from having a very swollen appendage with very little functionality to being able to engage in all of my pre-injury activities I am very happy with the degree of recovery attained.Thank you for your encouragement, support and the MANY exercises to help me regain usage, flexibility and strength. I promise to keep stretching, flexing and using the thera-putty to maintain my gains!You were a great PT choice for me as you listened, you coached and you demonstrated perseverance during what was (at least for me) a long process. You also utilized a variety of treatments to address my treatment needs and ongoing problematic symptoms. And you celebrated alongside me as healing occurred!Please pass on my thanks to the rest of the team for their reminder calls, ice packs, heat packs and friendly, professional admin skills.Thanks again and wishing you all the best!
    Caryl Broen
  • My experience at Nose Creek was awesome. I am a first time patient at physio, my first physio ever, which lasted for almost one year. I want to thank Shelby, and all the staff at Nose Creek for their friendship, and awesome work. Keep up the good work. I love you all. Thank you for your good work.
    Edgar Norman
  • When I came for my first appointment at Nose Creek Physical Therapy my lower back was not doing well because of a work-related injury. I couldn’t bend forward fully and touch my toes, or lean to either side. After attending treatments with Josh and Shelby, I started to gain strength back and was able to fully recover. Thank you Shelby and all the staff for your great work! Keep up the great work.
    Firew Ferede
  • I was referred to Nose Creek after being injured in an automobile accident. I experienced pain in my left bicep and forearm. I must admit that I was quite skeptical about physiotherapy. In March of this year I was assessed by Shelby Wogsberg, I then started attending therapy sessions 2x per week. Shelby was very good at explaining the exercises and benefits. Over time my skepticism was changed to hope. I was experiencing less pain and not as often. Today I am pleased to say that I’m totally pain free and extremely impressed with the patience, persistence and professionalism shown by Shelby, as well as the rest of the staff at Nose Creek Physiotherapy. Thank you all!
    Michael Woodhouse
  • When I first came for physiotherapy I was suffering from 2 torn muscles on my right arm and shoulder and a scarred, torn ligament on my left shoulder. I had isolated movement and pain and really wondered if I would ever have full use of my arms again. Through physio with Shelby, I have recovered full use of both arms and am pain free. Shelby has been an incredible physiotherapist; she is supportive, encouraging, funny and gave me the incentive I needed to do my part of the exercises required for healing. I would recommend her and this clinic to anyone who is looking for a good physiotherapist.
    Alix Milton

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