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Baby Massage: Tips and Benefits!

So your bundle of joy has arrived. All parents want the best for our little ones.  A healthy baby that sleeps well and is gaining weight is the main goal. Many infants suffer from colic, constipation, congestion, teething pains, poor circulation, weak immune systems or poor motor development. For many parents and caregivers that would like to treat these symptoms without medication, Massage Therapy is a great addition to your daily routine.

Touch Massage Therapy or Touch Communication helps develop a physical bond and deeper understanding of your baby. Parents who Massage their baby regularly often express feeling less stress themselves. You learn to understand your child’s non verbal cues while doing Massage. These Massage techniques will assist in the regulation of both the parents and the baby.

ncb7Once your baby has completed their six week check-up and are given the go ahead from their Family Doctor or Pediatrician, it’s a great time to start making baby Massage part of your daily routine. When booking your baby’s first Massage, please make sure that they have not had any vaccinations within the past 48 hours and that they are healthy (no fever). It is recommended that your baby be fed approximately 45 min prior to the appointment.

When you arrive at the clinic, we will recommend the use of natural, edible unscented oils. Should your child have any allergies, we request that you bring your own oil. Remember that babies like to put their tiny hands or feet into their mouth so we do not use any mineral oil or baby oil that your baby may ingest.

Both parents and siblings  may attend your baby’s first 1 hour Massage, and will not only get to watch; but will learn how to perform the Massage techniques. You may want to bring a toy doll for siblings so that they can practice their Massage skills too! Parents leave the Massage with the skills to continue to Massage their baby at home.  Most find that after a bath and Massage before bed, their baby will really sleep like a baby and their parents can too!

If you’re interested in baby massages, give us a call today at 403.275.7728.  We would be happy to help you and your baby feel better and sleep better!

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Bernadette is a registered Massage Therapist who has completed her Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist 3000 Hour RMT diploma.


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