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Since 2001, Calgary residents have trusted us

Beddington residents have been receiving Physiotherapy services from Nose Creek Physiotherapy for over 20 years! Over 290+ Google Reviews and an average of 4.9* ratings have been awarded to us by 1000's of satisfied customers. That's due to the experience and passion we have in helping patients reach their goals.

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Beddington, AB , is situated very close to our Nose Creek Physiotherapy location. Our clinic, founded in 2001, has become one of the top choices for Beddington residents when they need to overcome pain quickly and effectively.

Life can feel like it comes to an abrupt pause when pain gets in the way. We realise that and so we make every effort to get you feeling great again asap! All of our team members have world-class extensive experience and education they require so as to get maximum health benefits and effective care you are looking for.

Our Physiotherapy services are developed around value based service style in that every single client is served one to one with unrushed visits. Our nearby clinic to your area provides flexible scheduling hours and offers extremely competitive rates on physiotherapy services.

Professional Physiotherapy Services Beddington

As your physiotherapy professionals, we are completely staffed and geared up with all the necessary abilities, knowledge, and resources required for optimum results.

Whether you are looking to deal with current pain or address a chronic pain, lingering injury, musculoskeletal complaints or whether you are a weekend warrior, or just busy on the go with everyday duties, Nose Creek Physiotherapy is more than thrilled to provide Physiotherapy service that suits your personal requirements and health goals.

Are you concerned about expense or booking time for Physiotherapy? That is not an issue either! We offer very economical rates and direct billing to your insurer where possible. We also provide very versatile booking to make getting your treatments simple and stress free.

Common conditions treated at our physiotherapy clinic include:

  • Joint dysfunction (arthritis, poor posture issues, frozen shoulder, shoulder joint issues)
  • Fractures & Joint Problems (joint pain and mobility issues)
  • Mobility Challenges
  • Sports Injuries
  • Strokes
  • Whiplash / Motor Vehicle Injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Tendonitis
  • Balance Issues
  • Connective tissue disorders
  • Digestive Issues
  • Emotional Issues
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Pelvic health

Experienced Physiotherapist in Beddington

Can we help everyone all of the time? no of course not. However we are extremely confident in the results we get for our clients. What does this mean for you? Feel comfortable and confident understanding that you are in good hands here at Nose Creek Physiotherapy.

We've done this sometimes in the past-- in fact, we have proudly served countless patients throughout Beddington in our centre's lifetime. And with our very high rate of client referrals and Google reviews to back it, you can trust our commitment of client complete satisfaction. Our hard work and devotion to every patient in Beddington, AB, makes us the number one choice in your area for physiotherapy.

Consider our free discovery session if you are unsure if physiotherapy is the right option for you. Or, if you would like to get going on right now, and discover what's causing your discomfort, get a full pain treatment plan, and all the preventative steps needed to keep the discomfort away, give us a call to reserve your evaluation right away!

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