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We've been trusted by Nose Creek residents since 2001

Nose Creek Physiotherapy has provided physiotherapy services in the Nose Creek area for over 20 years. We have served countless happy clients with more than 290 Google Reviews and 4.9 star rating to show for it. We achieve these kinds of client outcomes as a result of our expertise and passion.

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Do you live in Nose Creek? Have you been injured or are you experiencing chronic pain?

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Nose Creek, AB, is home ground to Nose Creek Physiotherapy: a proud Physiotherapy clinic close to you in Calgary. Our centre, established in 2001, has been the leading clinic for Nose Creek residents when they want to get rid of pain rapidly and effectively.

Life seems to stop abruptly when pain interferes. We understand how frustrating pain can be! Our team members have exceptional experience and education they require to get the end results you are looking for.

Our Physiotherapy services are constructed around a value based service concept in which every single client is served one to one with unrushed sessions. Our clinic, which is nearby, offers flexible scheduling hours and extremely competitive rates on physiotherapy in the area.

Physiotherapy Clinic Nose Creek

In addition to physiotherapy, we also offer massage therapy and shockwave therapy. If you have pain in your back, neck, shoulder, knee or other area, our experienced staff will assess the source or extent of the injury and offer you the best and most cost-efficient treatment option for getting your optimal health back.

Our Physiotherapy Qualifications

Nose Creek Physiotherapy is well respected in the Nose Creek area due to the quality of our work, clinical experience and the attention to details we provide to our patients. We have earned numerous awards, and preserve a high Google evaluation average of 4.9*.

We believe in our services and understand that the attention and care we put in has only improved with the thousands of clients that we have served until now. We would really love to add you to our referral and repeat-client list!

Experienced Physiotherapists in Nose Creek

The expert therapists at Nose Creek Physiotherapy deliver high quality reputable Physiotherapy services that exceed our client's expectations. In fact we guarantee it with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our team of experts will help you determine exactly where your issue is, deliver a comprehensive treatment plan to get you back on track, and a prevention strategy to keep discomfort away. No matter what concerns you may have, Nose Creek Physiotherapy aims to deliver optimal outcomes with attention to detail for every client. Give us a call today!

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