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Massage Therapist 

Job Type: Full time
Pay: Hourly or Commission Based

YES ! Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy Is Hiring Right NOW!...

As we are growing, we are looking for a full time massage therapist to join our team. In this role, you'll be helping our clinic to continue to grow and provide a world-class massage therapy service to more clients in our community. You must be someone who puts people skills ahead of clinical skills and you must be a team player. You must be able to work in a fast-paced environment.

Success in this role will be measured on successful treatment outcomes, customer satisfaction as well as the meticulous upkeep of relationships with current and past patients of the practice.

Who We Are:

We are a fast-growing, privately-owned, physiotherapy out-patient clinic in Calgary, Alberta that focuses on helping patients to stay active and mobile, to do everything they love to do without having procedures such as injections, taking pain meds, or risky surgeries.

Our mission is to help people make better decisions about their health and to experience true healing that allows them to enjoy doing the things they love to do again.

We create a great environment for our team members so that they love what they do with

  • Complete focus on one patient at a time, as we provide 30, 60, and 90 minutes of one-on-one treatments for each patient.
  • Mentorship on a weekly basis by the top physiotherapists in the area with over 30 years of experience.
  • You get to work with a team of energetic and positive staff members that put the patient’s interest as a top priority.
  • You get to use your talents and passions to make a difference in people’s lives every day.
  • You get to provide individualized treatments and solutions for each patient tailored to each of their specific needs and desired goals.
  • Patients love working with you because you like to listen to their needs and adjust the treatment programs based on their specific needs and concerns.

We Are Looking For:

  • Someone who is a self-starter.
  • Someone who loves to learn and grow, wanting to improve their skills in massage therapy and other advanced treatment modalities.
  • Someone who is open to innovative ways to help patients achieve successful outcomes and beyond.
  • Someone who can build trust with patients quickly and is motivated to improve relationships with patients.
  • Someone who listens well and wants to collaborate as a team and is always striving to make themselves better.

We Are Looking for a Candidate Who Is Alberta Licensed and Is Able to Adhere to The Following Core Values:

  • Nothing is impossible
  • Create WOW experiences
  • People first, patient second
  • Connect emotionally
  • Anticipate unstated needs
  • Embrace and drive change
  • Be passionate and humble
  • Be creative and adventurous
  • Fun and positive team spirit
  • Pursue growth and learning

To be successful, the candidate will ensure that these values are emulated and lived out daily in our business and with our clients. We must meet people where they are and guide them to reach their “internal goal” of why they were willing to put their trust in us. This will ultimately be responsible for the successful growth of you as a massage therapist and the growth of the business.

We Are Offering a Full time Position With an Attractive Salary and Benefit Package...

  • A work environment that's fun and positive, allowing you to grow both professionally and personally.
  • Weekly on-boarding education to help you grow professionally & provide you with tools to make your role more successful and enjoyable.
  • A role packed with responsibility that allows you to be challenged while making a real difference in the clients we serve.
  • This a full-time position and will earn other benefits including medical and dental insurance, and paid vacation.

Here’s What Our Team Members Are Saying:

Chris Willmann



“Nose Creek Physiotherapy is a great place to put your skills into practice and learn new ones in a very supportive, caring environment. Blair encourages collaborative practice and excellent team spirit. We celebrate every success. Our client care team members are very helpful, often even anticipating what we'll need next and reminding us each time reports are due. Our Massage Therapists are keen to work with Physiotherapists in ensuring the best outcomes for all our patients. And our patients love being recognised by name by the entire team and being inspired to reach their goals. I've been here for over three years and I'm still grateful for the opportunity to work with this crew.  They're the best!”

Kris Radke



"When I first started working at Nose Creek Physiotherapy, I was still new to the outpatient setting.  Blair gave me guidance and mentorship that allowed me to become a more confident and competent clinician. I have Nose Creek Physiotherapy to thank for where I am today professionally. I've worked at Nose Creek for 3 years and I've always appreciated the group mentality and team approach to treatment. I never felt like I was alone in treating patients, and I could rely on my colleagues for help. Blair has been a huge help for improving my manual therapy skills as I am currently working towards becoming an FCAMPT."

We Welcome Applications From New Grads and Experienced Massage Therapists.

How to Apply

To apply, please send your resume, along with a cover letter detailing why you think you are a great fit to join our team to bschack@nosecreekphysiotherapy.com

You may also call our office to speak with Belle for more information at (403) 295-8590.

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