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Women’s Health

Here at Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy, we understand how important women’s health is. We know that your health affects the wellbeing of your not just you, but your entire family. We also know how taking care of, monitoring, and attending to issues related to your body and overall health is vital for all aspects of your lifestyle. And that’s precisely why our women’s health program exists: it’s for you.

Have You Ever Worried About the Possibility of a Future Plagued by Pelvic Pain or Disconcerting Incontinence?

You aren’t alone. At our clinic we see dozens of patients visit us due to chronic pelvic pain or incontinence. In fact, we see so many patients suffering from the same afflictions that the solutions to these problems have become fundamental in our fight for health. For this reason, we now specialize in tackling these issues directly so that discomfort, embarrassment, and pain are things of the past for our patients.

We know, too, that painkillers, medications, and YouTube or Google, often exacerbate your problem rather than healing it. In fact, medications and painkillers can actually cause a whole lot of damage in the long run – we don’t want your health to suffer just so that you can face your daily routine. We want your health to flourish without the use of painkillers or other temporary fixes.

We care deeply about our patients, and we want to see you enjoy the life you were destined to have; a life filled with love, family, friends, mobility, independence, and, above all, a life filled with health! And that’s why we also know that the following question might ring true for you:

Pelvic Floor Tips


10 Tips Modify an Exercise Program to be Pelvic Floor Safe

Incontinence Tips


9 Tips for Overcoming Incontinence Without Harmful Drugs

Do You Feel That, as a Woman, Healthcare Professionals are Oftentimes Insensitive to Your Particular Issue?

We understand the way you feel, and that’s why we realize – and genuinely respect – the fact that sensitivity is paramount in treating your intimate, oftentimes deeply personal, healthcare problems. Women are very close to the hearts of our professional, qualified, caring physical therapists. Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy wants to help you get back to the activities you love WITHOUT the anxiety and/or pain created by pelvic discomfort or incontinence – and we want to do it knowing that you’re comfortable, relaxed, and stress free. Your happiness and pain-free life is our joy.

Are you still not convinced? Well, if you have in the past experienced – or are currently experiencing – any of the following, it’s time to make a change.

Are you experiencing…


  • Daily feelings of embarrassment and inadequacy as a result of something you cannot control.
  • A decline in social activities in order to avoid awkward situations.
  • Declining intimacy with your partner.
  • Frequent pain as a direct result of urinal leakage and chaffing.
  • Ulcers.
  • Declined fitness levels.
  • Feelings of depression and lowered self-esteem.

Pelvic Pain

  • Daily, inexplicable pain in your pelvic area.
  • Contracting, tense muscles.
  • Pain that has lasted for over 6 months.
  • A reduction in time spent with family or friends.
  • Decreased activity levels.
  • Decreased intimacy with your partner.
  • A lack of sleep.
  • Lower energy and fitness levels.

If you’re experiencing any of the above, and/or you’re currently on painkillers or medications that mask the issues you’re facing, then it’s time to make a decision to change your life. Here at Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy, we understand that you might be nervous. We know it isn’t easy to make this decision. And that’s why we invite you to call one of our qualified, professional, and caring physical therapists for a chat, right now. There is absolutely no obligation. We’re here to help. For life-changing advice and the opportunity to take back your life, call us now.

Alright, But How do you Know if Our Women’s Health Program is Right for You?

Good question!

Here’s what our Woman’s Health Program can do for you:


We know that incontinence isn’t just about statistics or age – it’s about you and your daily struggle with feelings of embarrassment, frequent discomfort, and lost family/friend time. And whilst 30% of women suffer from urinary leakage by the time they’re 65, we also realize that your struggle is personal and that what you’re going through is heartbreaking. That’s why we want to change your situation and get you back to being outgoing, happy, and confident. Our caring, understanding, and professional physical therapists will:

  • Help you increase the strength in your pelvic muscles, therefore dramatically improving urinary retention via the use of targeted exercises.
  • Provide ongoing support throughout your journey to health.

  • Ensure that the ulcers and/or chaffing heal.
  • Improve fitness levels, therefore reducing feelings of depression and sadness.
  • Increase blood-flow in order to promote healing.
  • Reduce anxiety by giving you the confidence to return to your social and family circles.

Chronic Pelvic Pain

Chronic pelvic pain is enigmatic, and for this reason we understand how frustrating, depressing, and debilitating living with chronic pelvic pain can be. But, there is a solution. Whilst there is often no specific cause for chronic pelvic pain, the issue can nonetheless be healed through appropriate methods. Here’s what physiotherapy can do for you:

  • Reduce nerve inflammation and muscle spasms, both of which contribute to pelvic pain.
  • Stretch and lengthen tight, stiff muscles so as to loosen the pelvic area and relieve pain.

  • Help avoid painful spasms.
  • Strengthen pelvic muscles, thereby allowing you to gain access to the activities you’ve been missing out on.
  • Address postural issues which may, in effect, be increasing your pain.
  • Get you off of dangerous painkillers which only mask the problem.

If you’re excited about accessing the life we know you deserve, why not book a completely free, non-obligatory discovery session at our clinic? We’re truly looking forward to helping you enjoy the healthful, active life you long for. So many of our patients feel the benefit of physiotherapy within a single session, and we want you to enjoy similar pain relief, right now! Click below to book your free session, now.

Alright, so you’ve made the decision to make the change and take back your life, freeing yourself from pain, depression, and immobility. But, why should you choose physiotherapy to make that transition? Yet another great question! Below you’ll find just some of the most important reasons why you should choose physiotherapy, right now.

Physiotherapy Will Help You:

  • Break free from painkillers. If you’re currently suffering from chronic pain –incontinence, or pelvic pain – we want to get you off of medications that do a lot more harm than good. Physiotherapy is your key to true health; there are no harmful side effects.
  • Reach PERMANENT freedom from pain. Whilst painkillers and other methods only disguise the issue, physiotherapy truly rids you of pain by targeting the root cause of your problem. Here at Nose Creek Physiotherapy we don’t want you to be pain free today only… we want you to be pain free for the rest of your life.

  • Execute the CORRECT exercises and stretches at home. Physiotherapy is hugely effective precisely because physical therapists take the time to examine, treat, and work with the patient. Our physiotherapists give you tailor-made, effective stretches which you can do at home, all of which are specifically related to your condition. Doing this ensures that you’re able to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle even when you aren’t in the physio rooms. We set you up for life, not for failure.
  • Take back the time you’ve lost. We help you overcome your pain, thereby giving you back the time you’ve lost with your family and friends. Healing is about more than the physical, and we’re very much in the business of giving you back your smile. We do not want pain to rule your life for a single day longer.
  • Smile. This is the single most important driving factor in our women’s health program. We want to see you smile again – we want you to have a life free of pain, embarrassment, confusion, anxiety, or worry. We want you to do the things you love. To smile is to live, and THAT is what we want for you.

Women’s health is one of the most important undertakings at our clinic. Patients who suffer from incontinence, or chronic pelvic pain, are extremely close to our hearts. The entire team here at Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy is dedicated to supporting, guiding, and facilitating you on your journey to a pain free, happy life. Why not call us today? We look forward to hearing from you – click the link below to enquire about schedules and available times. One of our dedicated, professional physical therapists is waiting to give you back the life you deserve. Click the link below and change your life, today.

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