Custom Spring Loaded Knee Brace Calgary Northeast (NE)
Spring Loaded Knee Brace

Custom Spring Loaded Knee Brace Calgary Northeast (NE)

Harness the Power of Innovative Knee Brace Design

Spring Loaded OA sets itself apart as the premier knee brace that effectively mitigates pressure across the entirety of the knee joint. Its robust spring mechanism makes it a versatile solution for pain associated with various osteoarthritis patterns, tackling even the most challenging conditions like multicompartmental OA and patellofemoral OA.

How It Works:

The secret to the Spring Loaded OA Knee Brace lies in its patented spring technology. By shifting weight away from your knee, this cutting-edge design relieves joint discomfort, letting you indulge in the activities you adore without the inconvenience of pain.

The design boasts a lightweight, low-profile frame that rests exclusively on the back of your leg. At the same time, comfortably snug straps secure the brace from the front, preventing slippage and guaranteeing an optimal fit.

Spring Loaded Knee Brace

Key Features:

The Spring Loaded OA has been meticulously designed for your convenient and instant pain control. Here are the key features that make this device a game-changer:

Adjustable Spring Power

A quick rotation of the Power Dial allows you to modify the extent of pain relief you receive, tailoring it to your needs, anytime, anywhere.

Powerful Spring Assistance

Liquid springs within the Spring Pack are activated as you flex your knees, absorbing energy and decreasing painful knee forces. When extending your leg, the springs release this stored energy, minimizing pain and invigorating your stride.

These features make weight-bearing movements, such as squatting, stair climbing, or rising from a sitting position, significantly easier and less painful to execute.

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Spring Loaded Knee Brace Calgary NE FAQs

How Does the Spring Loaded OA Knee Brace Work?

The Spring Loaded OA Brace uses patented spring technology to lessen the weight on your knee, thereby reducing joint pain and facilitating easier movement.

What Makes the Spring Loaded OA Different From Other Knee Braces?

The Spring Loaded OA is unique in its ability to alleviate pressure across the entire knee. It is suitable for all osteoarthritis patterns, including challenging conditions like multicompartmental OA and patellofemoral OA.

Is the Spring Loaded OA Knee Brace Customizable?

Yes. The Spring Loaded OA Brace features a Power Dial that you can adjust for optimal pain relief based on your specific needs.

Does the Brace Only Work When I’m Moving?

No. The spring mechanism assists in both weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing movements. It absorbs energy as you flex your knee and releases it as you extend, thereby minimizing pain and enhancing leg power.

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Insurance Covered Physiotherapy. Extended Health Coverage Direct Billing Available.

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