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A Trusted Clinic Since 2001

Nose Creek Physiotherapy has delivered Orthotics in Calgary since 2001. We have supported countless pleased clients with over 290+ 4.9* Google Reviews. This comes from our practical experience and devotion in attaining client results.

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Nose Creek Physiotherapy carries The Orthotics Group custom orthotics. The orthotics fit inside your shoes, mold to your feet and provide support where you need it. These custom orthotics create a perfect fit for your unique foot size and shape and fit into your everyday footwear, without losing their supportive shape. Your comfort is guaranteed.

At Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy we have found that for optimal results in changing foot pain, the best approach is an active rehabilitation exercise program and a customized orthotic. This link below to a research article will reinforce what we have experienced for years.

We are always striving to provide validated best practices to all our clients, each and every day.

If your feet are slowing you down due to pain, discomfort or stiffness, then give us a call today at 403.295.8590 or email us at

What are Custom Orthotics?

Custom Foot Orthotics are designed to control abnormal movement of the foot. They are shoe inserts that reposition the 26 bones of your feet, so that your feet function in their optimal, corrected position with every step.

We here at Nose Creek Physiotherapy Calgary believe strongly in maintaining and improving the health of your feet. Your feet are the wheels to your mobility. If you feel like you have a flat tire feet, give us a call at (587) 205-5241 for a tune up and wheel alignment. We will get you moving faster and feeling better!

When you call us at (587) 205-5241, tell our client care team, that you want the "Summer Orthotic Deal" which includes:

  1. 1
    Orthopaedic Clinical Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment
  2. 2
    Computerized Gait Scan / 3D Foot Scanning
  3. 3
    3 Dimensional Digital Computerized scan picture
  4. 4
    Education on stretches and exercises Complimentary fitting at second (pick up) session with education on footwear prescription and locations of preferred stores.

Top 5 Reasons to Get a Pair of Custom-Made-Orthotics:

  • Easy, Proven Conservative Care: Orthotics are proven to reduce Lower Back pain by 34.5%. Lower Back pain is the #1 cause of missed work, and is a leading cause of the current opioid crisis.
  • Symmetrical Foundation: Foot condition can cause problems throughout the rest of the body.
  • Heel Strike Shock Reduction: Innovative materials absorb shock, which helps reduce pain and discomfort caused by heel strike while walking.
  • Improved Performance: Studies show orthotics help increase drive distance on the golf course and reduce pain in those who stand all day.
  • Dynamic Function: Your balance, and the way you walk are improved by wearing orthotics.

Orthotics Calgary

Do you want an effective and customized Orthotics for a new or long term foot ailment? At Nose Creek Physiotherapy, we not only offer custom Orthotics, but also provide Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, and Shock Wave Therapy. As your orthotics provider when dealing with Nose Creek Physiotherapy you can count on high quality products recommended by top-notch specialists of our clinic.

Calgary Certified Orthotics

If you feel like most people, you are typically busy. That steady movement can sooner or later disturb the normal balance of your feet where injury or soreness can take place. Whether you are experiencing pain in your feet, have problems with foot balance, lower back pain, or any foot condition causing problems throughout the body, Nose Creek Physiotherapy can assist you return on track - swiftly.

Whether you are looking for just an evaluation of the issue, or willing to choose from one of our wide range of custom orthotics products, Nose Creek Physiotherapy is the name you can trust with your goals.

Move Faster, Feel Better

We're not only proficient at finding the causes for the pain you are feeling; our staff of Orthotics and Physiotherapy are experienced experts who will also create a beneficial improvement pathway along with developing an individualized prevention strategy that you can apply at home or your job. Share your concerns with us and we'll help you discover solutions.

Getting therapy should not feel like a trouble. You only need to make one phone call to get your treatment underway. No more communicating back and forth between separate clinics with various specialties. We have the therapies required to get you moving again pain free. It's easy: no more juggling your schedule and no more headaches.

We know you want a Orthotics that are customised, supportive, comfortable, and pleasant. At Nose Creek Physiotherapy, We aim to meet your every expectation.

A list of some of our Physiotherapy services


The problem with many acute injuries that require treatment and pain management is that there's no straightforward response to treating them. That's why Nose Creek Physiotherapy takes an unique approach to our Physiotherapy treatment methods.

Where some practices might just deliver Physiotherapy, our Physiotherapists emphasize techniques that deliver clients:

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Nose Creek


Massage Therapy

Short and long term pain relief

One to one treatment with a heavy concentration on gaining pain free movement progress towards your long term health objectives

Although it holds true that even a massage from badly trained hands may feel decent, it won't offer any true health advantages. When you're looking for an expert massage, you probably want one that isn't merely a form of relaxation, but that additionally moves you toward your wellness goals.

That's why Nose Creek Physiotherapy is the best possible clinic to receive a massage in Calgary. While our massage therapy services can certainly be received on their own, they can also be combined with one of our many other services.

When it comes to the massage itself, the Nose Creek Physiotherapy team strives to cultivate a peaceful and comfy atmosphere. Our massage therapists will talk with you to recognize the underlying concerns triggering your pain, and to understand the kind of massage you're searching for prior to starting.

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Custom Orthotics

When fabricated correctly, custom orthotics can alleviate abnormal foot function, and even minimize foot discomfort in specific areas of the body.

In time, many of our patients who use their customized orthotics discover that their pain is not just decreased, however that the underlying concerns start to fix themselves in some measure.

For those experiencing discomfort or otherwise reduced function, local custom orthotics in Calgary are a fantastic alternative worth exploring here at Nose Creek Physiotherapy.

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Tele-Rehab Physiotherapy

Prefer to get treatment recommendations from your house? You can still get support for your injuries or condition while stuck at home. Virtual tele-rehab physiotherapy solution may be the answer. We are assisting hundreds of individuals in Calgary using this online service to speed recovery.

Utilizing the latest new secured online technology, you can have a video treatment session for your injury and pain. It is much like an online meeting with one of our knowledgeable physiotherapists who can help get you back on track, all from the comfort of your home.


Shockwave Therapy

Nose Creek Physiotherapy Shockwave treatments are a non-invasive service frequently used to deal with both acute and chronic discomfort without the requirement of pharmaceuticals or medical surgery.

The type of shockwave treatment methods utilized here at Nose Creek Physiotherapy is quite safe and it's created to trigger your system's own natural recuperation reaction to decrease pain connected with a lengthy list of different musculoskeletal concerns. For many physiotherapy clients throughout Calgary, our shockwave procedure has produced pain-relieving results in as little as 3 sessions.

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Other Common Foot Conditions that Custom-Made Foot Orthotics Can Help With Includes:

1. Foot pain

2. Flat feet / Excessive foot pronation

3. Plantar fasciitis

4. Knee pain

5. Muscular tightness

6. Painful feet

7. Leg pain

8. Foot imbalance

9. Foot injuries

10. Gait analysis

11. Compensatory knee

12. Patellofemoral syndrome


The Orthotics Group supports the length of your foot from heel to toe, improving your balance and normal activity. Balance increases athletic performance, reduces foot fatigue and helps to prevent injury.


The Orthotics Group improves the alignment of your ankles, knees, hips and back. Corrected alignment reduces pain in these areas and improves athletic performance.

Pressure Distribution

The unique shape of The Orthotics Group distributes weight evenly across your foot, reducing pressure points that lead to pain in your heels and under the balls of your feet.

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