We provide Physiotherapy services to four types of clients:

  • Private (pay and get reimbursed through extended health benefits)
  • MVC (motor vehicle collision)
  • Alberta Health Services (publicly funded fractures, surgeries and low income)
  • WCB (Workers Compensation Board)

Acupuncture can have profound effects on reducing pain and inflammation as well as treating muscle tension.

Dry Needling or Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) is an effective treatment for chronic nerve pain. This technique is also unequaled for finding and diagnosing muscle shortening in deep muscles.

Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy carries Powerstep. These inserts fit inside your shoes, mold to your feet and provide support where you need it.

Manual Therapy helps to restore the proper movement of the joints and soft tissues associated with your injury.

A detailed review of your running history, current training program and goals.

Assessing the Injury

When you meet with your Nose Creek Physiotherapist, they will begin by looking for reduced mobility or stiffness in the joint. These joints, once identified, are mobilized and/or manipulated.

Correcting Muscle Imbalance

Your Nose Creek Physiotherapist corrects muscle imbalances in one of two ways:

  • For weak muscles, appropriate exercises are prescribed to strengthen them to optimum levels.
  • For tight muscles, your Physiotherapist will prescribe stretches to lengthen muscles to original length.

Nerve Treatment

Your Nose Creek Physiotherapist will measure the mobility of key nerves that connect from your spinal cord to your muscles. Once they have identified where the nerve is being impinged, specific techniques will be applied to mobilize the nerve and restore normal mobility and function.

Muscle Stimulation Current

This therapy is used to reduce muscle atrophy after an injury has made it through the inflammatory phase of the healing process. It’s often applied to the muscles parallel to the spine, knee and rotator cuff muscles. The current reboots the nerve if it’s been pinched or inhibited which then signals the muscle to contract more efficiently.