Bernadette is a registered Massage Therapist who has completed her Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist 3000 Hour RMT diploma.

Specific Massage Therapy

  • Sports Massage Treatments
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Prenatal Massage
  • Baby Massage
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Deep Transverse Friction (scar tissue correction therapy)
  • TMJD
  • Cupping

Regular Massage Treatments

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Spa Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Home Care Exercises

Her speciality is performing Orthopaedic and Neuromuscular Assessments in order to treat various soft tissue pathologies and disorders.

Bernadette believes in staying current with massage techniques and recently continued her training in ‘Cross – fibre Corrective Muscular Therapy’ or ‘Deep Transverse Friction Therapy’ that treats scar tissue from previous (chronic) strains, sprains and soft tissue injuries in a tendon or ligament, tendinitis or fasciitis. Based on her Kinesiology training, she prescribes home care exercises and stretches.

If you require relief from edema caused by past cancer treatments, sport injuries, surgery, physical therapy or chiropractic treatments, she performs lymphatic Drainage.

For jaws that click or have pain upon opening and closing, Bernadette performs TMJD treatments which include intra-oral therapy, facial massage and exercises.

In addition to being a 3000 Hour RMT, she was a registered Emergency Medical Responder through the Alberta College of Paramedics.


  • We have been seeing massage therapists for over 20 years. We lead very active lifestyles that include several hours a day at the gym. Being in our mid-forties, muscles don't recover with a few stretches after a workout like they used too. Finding a massage therapist that can help you with sore muscles is easy; finding a massage therapist that understands you as an individual and what your body needs to recover is not.Bernadette Yip is very personable and friendly. On my first visit she knew what questions to ask to find out what type of treatment I needed. Her techniques really hits the muscles and the with the right amount of pressure. She even goes as far to suggest exercises and stretches to improve flexibility and agility. Bernadette is not the therapist to suggest you need something when you don't. She is honest with what treatment works for you and not the general response "Come once a week no matter how you feel."I would highly recommend Bernadette to anyone. Whether they are looking for relaxation, deep tissue or a therapeutic relaxation massage.
    Dave and Denise
  • I've been going to Bernadette for Massage Therapy on a regular basis now for almost a year. She is very knowledgeable, personable and is exceptional at what she does. She understands the body, muscles, functional movements, stretches and home care, and knows all sorts of different Massage techniques that are most suitable for your needs. My favorite and most effective treatment she has given me are the Cross Friction Therapy and the Cupping. She knows exactly what to do with each strain and source of pain I have. I definitely plan on seeing Bernadette for a very long time and keeping Massage Therapy as part as my health and fitness routine. I am a fitness instructor and lead an active lifestyle so treatments with Bernadette are definitely needed in order to keep my body working and in tip top shape! Most of all…it just feels AWESOME! My husband also sees her and has seen some major results in treating his strains and pains. Thanks Bernadette!
    Helen & Tate Spitzer
  • I saw Bernadette for some lovely prenatal massages. She was very accommodating and had great suggestions on areas to work on based on my stages of pregnancy and desire to continue my fitness and recreational activities for as long as possible. After my son was born, she taught me how to do a baby massage so we can practice that at home. He loved the practice run during Bernadette's instructional!
  • My back was done ... pain , throbbing muscle pain , nerve pinching pain ... point is pain! A massage and manual osteopathy combo got me pain free and on track again. I Haven't felt this good in years!
    Andy Ericson – Owner
  • Bernadette is a fun, friendly and very knowledgeable therapist. She has helped me recover from a motorcycle accident and my on-going pain related to my career as a hair stylist and from having a very active lifestyle. No matter how much pain I'm in her attention finds a solution to the problem and always makes me feel better.
    Jesse Saghir
  • Unfortunately I was involved in a motor vehicle collision and needed to seek physical therapy and massage therapy treatment for my symptoms. I was struggling with acute on chronic neck and upper back pain and stiffness. Blair and Bernadette used their respective skills and knowledge to identify the source areas causing my symptoms and come up with a reasonable treatment plan to address my issues of muscle weakness and stiffness. Being a health care provider myself, I am particularly aware of the type of service I receive and appreciate a high degree of skill, patient-provider relationship and collaborative team approach - all of which I experienced at this clinic. I always felt well attended to and comfortable in bringing up any questions or concerns about my body that I had. Combining physical therapy and massage was a great approach for me. Although I have now completed my formal treatment program, I benefited so much from aspects of my treatment that I'll continue with a home care plan as well as massages with Bernadette!
    Naminder Sandhu
  • I have been in and out of Physio with Blair for surgeries and old hockey injuries. The fun of being over 50 is all those things you did to yourself when you were younger start coming back to haunt you.I have seen Bernadette a few times and really enjoyed her treatments. I have seen a lot of Massage Therapists over the years and Bernadette is the best I have seen. She has a unique ability to focus in on the what is bothering you and treat those areas. She also has a way about her that sets you at ease through the treatment. I will be the first to admit I am a tough massage; being fairly muscular and having limited mobility, it can be extremely hard for a Massage Therapist to manipulate my body to get to the proper treatment areas. I have always had problems with Therapists thinking that just because I am former high level athlete that they can dig into my muscles with reckless abandon, the result being I cannot move for several days after a treatment. Bernadette was able to find that right balance between pressure and working the muscles that enabled me to function normally after the treatment. I would highly recommend her.
    Jeff Fearn

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