BScPT, Dip Manip PT, Dip Sport PT, FCAMPT, CGIMS


Blair has been a Physiotherapist at Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy since 2001. Blair graduated from the University of Alberta with a BScPT in 1992. He has focused on Orthopaedic Manual Therapy and Sport Therapy. Blair completed his Sport Therapy Diploma in 1997, and his Advanced Manual and Manipulative Diploma in 1998. Blair is also certified for IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation) Dry Needling. Blair has a keen interest in active rehabilitation of recent and chronic, spinal and peripheral, joint and muscle injuries. He enjoys treating upper neck pain that is associated with cervical tension headaches, sciatica (pinched nerve in lower back), shoulder injuries and traumatic knee injuries. Blair previously served for 6 years as the Executive Chair of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy (CAMPT).

Blair balances his busy professional life by staying active. He enjoys cycling, swimming, working out, hiking, camping and snowboarding, depending on the season. Blair shares his free time with his wife, son and daughter outside on the weekends. He has learned to enjoy the journey, as life really is too short.

Clinical Interests:

● Pinched nerves in neck and lower back

● Shoulder injuries, traumatic motor vehicle collision (MVC) and neck injuries

● Running, swimming and cycling/biking


  • I gave your Clinic 5 stars!On my first visit, I arrived at Nose Creek Physiotherapy with the help of my wife and a cane. My symptoms were so severe I could hardly move. After 6 treatments with Blair, I no longer needed the cane and had no pain. At an age of 80+, I didn’t think this would be possible, it was an amazing experience. Blair was very efficient and confident that he could and would cure my Sciatica, and he did just that!!I was most impressed with the efficiency of the staff and the cleanliness of the clinic. I would highly recommend Nose Creek Physiotherapy clinic to anyone.
    Al Krenzel
  • Prior to arriving at Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy, my hip was bothering me for about a year. My hip was continuously in pain; it prevented me from long walks, and getting a good night’s sleep. After visiting Nose Creek Physio with regular treatments and exercise programs, my hip pain disappeared.Overall treatment by the front staff and Therapist was exceptional. I fully recommend Nose Creek and would use again if required.
    Peter Needham
  • I have attended Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy many times over the last several years for different injuries/conditions. They always get me "fixed" and this most recent time was no different. I started seeing Blair in November 2016 for a shoulder injury - I had pain with any movement of my left arm - I'm a very active person and I found the pain impacted every aspect of my life including my ability to get a good night's sleep. As there was no specific incident that triggered my condition, I suspected it was a side effect of "getting old" and I questioned ever being pain free again. Regardless, I once again put my faith in Blair at Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy. I saw Blair regularly and in addition to diligently following the home exercise program he prescribed for me, I benefited greatly from the additional tools he used including manipulation, TENS and ultrasound. I'm thrilled to report that I was discharged with full function in early February 2017 and I am completely pain free! Blair is currently treating my father who despite being 87 years old is very active; however due to severe sciatica, he was unable to walk two weeks ago. His Doctor sent him to another Physiotherapist who was not able to provide dad with any relief whatsoever - in addition to being in extreme pain continuously, dad was feeling hopeless. I suggested he see Blair, which he did. Dad was incredulous about Blair's approach - so much more comprehensive than the other Therapist he had seen. Using various tools including intramuscular stimulation and his "magic hands", Blair has dad feeling much better in only a couple of weeks and dad is confident he's on the road to full recovery. There is simply no Physiotherapist like Blair, I (along with my entire family) are so thankful for his expertise and I wholeheartedly offer my highest recommendation to Blair and Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy.
    Pam K
  • Prior to the treatment I received at Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy, I was experiencing extreme neck pain, constant headaches, and general stiffness and soreness due to a mild traumatic brain injury (concussion). After six weeks of treatment, my symptoms had decreased significantly. My treating therapist, Blair, was very knowledgeable and thorough in treating the whole body. On several occasions I was treated by Josh, and I was very comfortable with his approach as well. The front office staff always greeted me with a smile and were eager to make me comfortable. The entire staff are professional, courteous and very accommodating. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this clinic to anyone who needs rehabilitation.
    Tina Langston
  • I was in a car accident and was struggling with severe lower back pain and neck pain. A family member referred me to Blair at Nose Creek Physiotherapy, and I couldn't be happier that they did. I was attending physiotherapy sessions at a different clinic in the city where I was making minimal progress, so I transferred to Nose Creek. Within two sessions Blair had addressed all of my concerns, came up with a treatment plan, and helped me to alleviate my back pain. Physiotherapy can be unpleasant, especially after an unfortunate experience like a car accident. This was not the case with Blair at all. I saw him for a couple of months and genuinely looked forward to each and every session. If you are experiencing any aches or pains, go see Blair! You will not regret it!
    Cailey Anderson
  • I suffered a chronic back in jury post-speed skating that I really didn’t address. 3 months later I couldn’t bend, twist or even walk without excruciating pain in my lower back. Range of motion was severely limited and pain was a 9/10. That’s when I went to see Blair.After only 2 or 3 sessions with Blair, my range of motion was almost 100%, and pain was down to 3/10. After 6 weeks of treatment, all of my symptoms were completely gone and I had full range of motion again. The clinic was amazing, with friendly staff who learn your name and get to know you. Warm, friendly and very happy atmosphere at Nose Creek.I would highly recommend Nose Creek to anyone experiencing trouble moving. If you’re not at your best, Blair and his team will get you there. They’ve helped me on 3 separate occasions and they’ve treated many of my clients as well, all with excellent results.
    Mike Schwartz – Personal Trainer/Athlete
  • As an ultra-runner who was sidelined with a knee injury, I was feeling defeated, and had very low morale that I would return to the sport as I had enjoyed it. My experience with Blair, and his friendly competent staff have brought me back to a quality of life I love, pain free. From the first visit, I was supported, reassured, and I knew I was in the right place. I would absolutely recommend Nose Creek Therapy to anyone that needs physical therapy, massage, or just some maintenance to keep you enjoying your sport.
    Vikki Kosik
  • After my wife had emergency back surgery in 2012, she went to Nose Creek Physiotherapy to see Blair for follow up and rehab. She was so impressed with Blair, his staff and assistants that I had no hesitation in seeing him after my first knee replacement in 2013.Not knowing what to expect in recovery, I left myself in Blair's very capable hands, and was not disappointed by any stretch. Right after the initial assessment he commenced me on exercises and stretches to increase my mobility. Using these techniques as well as manipulation, massage, manual and electric stimulation, I was able to regain full flexibility and mobility in my knee and leg, well ahead of the surgeon's expectations. We repeated the process again in March 2016 after surgery for a fractured kneecap with the same fantastic results.Besides being an incredible Physiotherapist, Blair runs an extremely professional business and this dedication shows in all his staff.My wife and I have, and continue to recommend Nose Creek Physiotherapy to anyone in need of their services.
    Rod Jarvis
  • My experience here was very enjoyable. Blair and his crew were very nice to me. My stair climbing and pain is getting better and subsiding through the Therapy received from your program. I enjoyed my sessions with the friendly staff at your establishment. Thank you all!
    David Delia
  • I attended Nose Creek Physiotherapy Therapy on seven occasions recently due to a fractured leg, specifically my fibula. I am a very active person, and this occurred on the first day of summer 2017. As you will recall, it was a “perfect” summer in Calgary, but not a perfect one to be in a cast and on crutches. I was originally discouraged and feeling pretty negative about my situation.My Therapist was Blair Schachterle for all seven sessions.I found my experience with both the office and Blair to be exceptional, and I will couch that statement with saying that I am a retired health care professional and very “picky”, (i.e. I am quite a tough customer to please.) The staff and Blair were always very welcoming and thoughtful, including offering to help me get to and from my car on a couple of occasions. This in and of itself is far beyond the call of duty.Blair is extremely knowledgeable about a multitude of conditions, both from a Medical and a Physiotherapy perspective. He demonstrated exercises by getting down on the floor to show me. He introduced me to other clients who were also there, creating a supportive environment for Therapy. I thoroughly appreciated his encouraging words and his documentation of my progress. It could have taken me much more than seven sessions to get back to baseline, but it didn’t - I was committed to my recovery, and so was Blair. His emotional support was as good as his Physiotherapy.I would highly recommend this Physiotherapy clinic. This is my third time going there for a number of sessions over the last seven years, and they remain an excellent service. I have been to two others over the years, and to reiterate, the care provided at Nose Creek is exceptional.
    Anne Lennox
  • I came to Blair unable to do all the things I loved to do because of a back injury; running, yoga, boot camp and was unable to work. I’m a radio broadcaster and music teacher which requires a fair bit of sitting. It was painful for me to do pretty much anything except laying down before I came to Blair. Following the treatment, not only was I able to get back to my life, I was inspired (and instructed) on how to make changes in my life and incorporate exercises to minimize the chances of my back injury happening again.
    Kenna Burima
  • I first noticed symptoms of my injury in June of 2014. I asked my personal trainer who he would recommend for Physiotherapy and was referred to Blair from Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy. From the first time I met Blair, I knew he was going to be my guy. He was so knowledgeable and was used to working with the dreaded ex-athletes now in middle age.The staff at Nose Creek are wonderful and very attentive. Their level of personal service is unmatched. I have been to several Physiotherapists over the years and by far Nose Creek is the best. I am so impressed I even have my son (who is a former FIS snowboard cross racer) who just had his third shoulder surgery and my wife who had a broken ankle go to Nose Creek.My advice is if you are looking for a great facility where the staff are knowledgeable, professional and courteous, this is the place you should call first.
    Jeff Fearn
  • Unfortunately I was involved in a motor vehicle collision and needed to seek physical therapy and massage therapy treatment for my symptoms. I was struggling with acute on chronic neck and upper back pain and stiffness. Blair and Bernadette used their respective skills and knowledge to identify the source areas causing my symptoms and come up with a reasonable treatment plan to address my issues of muscle weakness and stiffness. Being a health care provider myself, I am particularly aware of the type of service I receive and appreciate a high degree of skill, patient-provider relationship and collaborative team approach - all of which I experienced at this clinic. I always felt well attended to and comfortable in bringing up any questions or concerns about my body that I had. Combining physical therapy and massage was a great approach for me. Although I have now completed my formal treatment program, I benefited so much from aspects of my treatment that I'll continue with a home care plan as well as massages with Bernadette!
    Naminder Sandhu
  • When I first arrived at Nose Creek I had chronic ankle pain, I would frequently miss days of work, prone to sprains etc. Blair helped me learn what the root cause was, and helped develop an exercise routine of stretches/movements that I could do at home as well as the facility. I felt better almost immediately. After completing my program, my ankle is better than it’s been in many years. I am able to walk the golf course again, and am heading to the ski hill for the first time in many years as well! Thanks Nose Creek!
    Paul Barriage, HVAC technician
  • I had a very good experience while at Nose Creek Physiotherapy. I suffer from chronic lower back pain. For close to 17 years I have dealt with nerve damage that would severely throw my back out every 6 months or so. The moment I met Blair, I knew this was going to be a great experience. He was kind, outgoing and when we started on the Physiotherapy, he was consistent and thorough. Over the course of 6 sessions, I was able to alleviate the pain in my back through the specific exercises that Blair gave me to do so that I never (hopefully) have to face lower back pain again. That’s what I was looking for - someone to do hands on Manual Therapy; but also tell me exactly what it is I need to do to help myself and my body.
    Chris Nevile

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