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Better Call Paul! Spotlight On: Beddington Massage Therapist Paul Sherley

Nose Creek Physiotherapy’s Feature Blog for this month comes from Beddington Massage Therapist Paul Sherley. At Nose Creek, we truly believe that it is the brilliance of our Team that sets us apart, and we are pleased to have Paul in the spotlight this month.

When you need a massage: “Better Call Paul” 

Nose Creek Massage Therapist Paul Sherley, EET RMT, will help you enjoy your summer pain free with regular Massages.  He can also include an analysis of your posture to keep you standing straight, tall and confident. And, of course, get you moving and feeling better!

While Massage Therapy is Paul’s passion, he has other passions that keep him busy when he’s not at Nose Creek’s Beddington location.

Want to get to know Paul a little bit better? Here’s what he’s up to when he’s not at work:


Paul is involved in a lot of sports and hobbies that keep him busy during the summer and winter. The list is too long to write down, but at the top of his list is woodworking.

An avid admirer of West Coast-style art, Paul tries to carve or paint these West Coast-inspired designs into his woodworking project, whether it be a canoe paddle or a wooden box.Paul woodwork

He is also an avid kayaker, so when he’s out on the lake, he always tries to find time to pull up on shore and pick up driftwood. When Paul gets home from his kayaking adventure, he will use the wood to make little log cabins and other driftwood crafts and, once finished, he’ll put them on them display in his Massage room.

The photo above is an example of Paul’s craftsmanship.


Fishing is a passion that Paul started when he was just 5 years old, and now he enjoys teaching others the sport (although, Paul admits, a good part of that time is usually spent untangling the other person’s fishing line!)

Paul’s two granddaughters and grandson always look forward to having their “Grand-Paul” help them to catch their first fish, and Paul is looking forward to seeing the looks on their faces when they finally catch one! He is certain that it will be a great memory for the whole family.

And, what would a full life be without great memories?

Favourite Memories:

One of Paul’s fondest memories with Nose Creek Physiotherapy was a Mud Run that the entire Nose Creek staff participated in near Red Deer several years ago. Paul went through so many mud holes that he ended up looking like he was dipped in chocolate! Paul Bogman

Because of this, Paul even gained the nickname “The Bogman” from that experience, so now you know the story if you ever hear him called such around our Beddington location.


So there you have it: a little bit about our trusty neighbourhood Massage Therapist, Paul Sherley. Paul is available throughout the week for Massage Therapy treatments at our Beddington location; make sure to request Paul as your Therapist when you call.
Just remember; when you need a Massage – “Better Call Paul”!

Call Paul Sherley, EET RMT, Registered Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Champissage Practitioner, at 403.800.3373 to book your Massage today!

Blair Schachterle
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