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From Snow to Go!

From Snow to Go: It’s true, we are going to wake up one morning very soon and the snow will be gone.  April showers will bring spring flowers and we will enjoy warm spring days with endless sunshine begging us to enjoy our time outdoors. Our mountains beg us to climb and explore their trails.  As much as you want to get out and start exploring if you haven’t been active over the long cold winter your body may need a little TLC before your first trip. In order to properly welcome spring and tackle all it has to offer it’s a good idea to start training now so you can be ready as soon as the snow is gone.  The best place to start is indoors. Below are a few ideas for indoor activities to get you ready for the fast approaching spring thaw:

Indoor Climbing

Indoor climbing is an incredible cross-over activity – especially for the upper body that may have been neglected this past winter. Climbing also offers an opportunity to work on balance and body awareness that is great for golfing, biking and of course exploring our numerous trails.  The mechanics of shifting body weight and toughening up that grip will get you in shape for summer.



Yoga is a well-rounded activity that will easily prep you for that summer endurance and strength you crave. Yoga ranges from hot and intense to slow and methodical in order to prep you for the sport of your choice or recover from those cross-training sessions.



Local gyms are a great place to take advantage of amenities like free weights, weight machines, cardio equipment and space for a mat workout.



When the sun starts to warm us up there are many places you can hit the pavement to enjoy some long distance runs and bike rides to get things started.



Don’t forget about therapeutic Massage.  Massage is a great way to get fit faster if used after your workout.  Now is also the time to address any old or new injuries to ensure you are in top condition to begin enjoying your activities.

Call us at Nose Creek Sport Physical Therapy and take advantage of our 25% New Client discount massage or book an appointment with one of our Physical Therapy or Manual Osteopath clinicians and take care of any injuries that may prevent you enjoying your favourite outdoor activities.

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