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Low Back Pain With Sciatica -The New ‘S” Word

Pain is one of the most debilitating factors in our health. It can be the obstacle that prevents us from moving forward in our goals and stops us from enjoying life’s pleasures when it appears. One of the conditions that affects all ages, all genders and most occupations is “Sciatica”. This is a word that we all hear, with many people experiencing it yet not many knowing what treatment looks like and how liberating it feels when it resolves.

What is Sciatica?

There are many nerves in the body. When your spouse says”you are getting on my nerves” they are not kidding; you can literally aggravate someone’s nerves so much the nerve reacts which cause pain or discomfort in the body. The longest nerve in the body is called the Sciatic nerve. It starts in the lower back (L4 and and continues behind the spine, passing through the buttocks, back of the thigh and into the lower leg ending in the toes).
If you drop a pencil and go to pick it up, and are met with a sharp pain electrifying down to the back of the thigh (which may or may not continue into the foot), you know the full potential of that angry nerve
Herniated Lumbar Disc
This is when we usually see clients. The pain is so debilitating that their normal activities of daily living are not possible. I always have two goals when this happens to my clients; first, calm it down to resolve the pain, and second, ensure we identify the cause and treat effectively so this does not happen again.

Both goals are possible to achieve with the right dedication and commitment. If you start to notice pain that is dull, achy, throbbing or sharp in the low back to the back of the knee, it can be an internal mechanism like a disc bulge or something mechanical like a muscle flare up. Either way, the sooner attention is paid is the better. Pain is a good indicator to our perception that dysfunction within the body exists. Remember, the goal for treatment is resolve the pain and ensure this does not happen again. We live in a world that is too busy, often hectic and have many different commitments on our plate. If we are stopped due to pain or inability to complete our needed tasks at hand, the effects are more than just physical flare ups. It is through my deep obligation to client care and respect for how we are constantly on the move that I designed a treatment plan geared towards pain resolution and prevention evolution. My treatment plan protocol for sciatica (pending client candidacy), is proving effective for a return to work sooner than some client’s anticipate.

Why does it matter to resolve pain quickly?

Optimal health allows us to achieve our goals. When pain exists, it becomes an obstacle blocking you from living as you would like to. I have seen too many beautiful spirits in clients broken and preventable secondary symptoms emerge such as anxiety, depression, weight gain due to pain with lack of mobility and financial duress due to non-working status. If any of these symptoms describe you, give my treatment protocol a fighting chance. Come in with an open mind and compliance towards the treatment…and I can handle the rest.

Dr. Salma Mitha l DC, SRISD, Dip MO, Cert Ergonomics
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