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Pants for Cold Weather

warm pants for winter calgary

Hi, this is Dr. Eileen Wei. I’m a registered acupuncturist and traditional Chinese medicine doctor from Nose Creek Physiotherapy.

As the weather is getting a lot colder now, we all put on our cold weather jackets when we go out. But how about the pants? Are you still wearing the same pants that you have been wearing throughout summer and fall?

If so, I recommend that you add an extra layer of pants for additional warmth. You wonder why. You’re already feeling pretty warm with the winter jackets; why do you need an extra layer of protection on your legs?

Think about the river. If a part of the river is frozen, the whole river doesn’t flow very well. So similarly, if our legs or feet are cold, it impairs the whole body’s circulation. And we all know that good blood circulation is very important for good health.

Especially if you’re someone who has chronic back pain, knee pain or other lower extremity conditions, or if you’re a lady who has painful periods, it’s very important for you to keep your legs and feet warm during colder temperatures.

Even if you don’t have any of those conditions, it’s still a good idea to have an extra layer of pants to help prevent you from getting those conditions somewhere down the road.

Ideally, you should be wearing a breathable base layer and an exterior layer that functions as an insulation layer. You should also think about wearing double layer socks and dual layer gloves if you want to enjoy a luxurious warmth. Complete your extra winter gear with boot liners and decent boots to protect your feet.

Personally, I like to wear snow pants for cold conditions. I found them very easy to put on and take off when I need to, and they provide me extra warmth and a layer of safety against cold temperatures.

And I also found out that when I have more layers on my legs, I don’t need to wear as much cold weather gear on my upper body and I still feel very warm. So try it out for this winter, and see how you feel.

If you have any questions about winter clothes, or if you have any health concerns that you’re wondering if it can be helped by acupuncture and Chinese medicine, you’re welcome to book a free discovery session with me by calling 403-778-0528.

I will be happy to chat with you one-on-one about your health concern.

Blair Schachterle
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