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Relaxation Massage: More Than Just a Massage

If you’ve had a Massage before, you probably already know that “Massage” is a loaded word: it doesn’t just mean muscle stimulation or that you have a midday relaxation session, but packs a full wallop in benefiting not only your physical health; but your mental and physiological well being.

At Nose Creek Physiotherapy we know that you don’t need an excuse to get a Massage, so we’ve outlined below even more reasons to book your next Massage Therapy treatment.

What is Relaxation Massage?

A Relaxation Massage is a treatment that is focused on just what it sounds like – relaxing your body and mind with gentle pressure and a focus on providing a soothing Massage environment.

A Relaxation Massage treatment differs from a Therapeutic Massage in that a Therapeutic Massage is not exclusively focused on your relaxation, but puts more emphasis on working out muscle knots and tights spots so you leave your session feeling, and moving, better. While you may fall asleep during your Relaxation Massage, you likely will not during a Therapeutic Massage.
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How Can Relaxation Massage Help Me?

Apart from giving you a complete feeling of relaxation, this type of Massage can actually be incredibly calming to your nervous and respiratory system. During a Relaxation Massage, many clients fall asleep or zone out as they allow their focus to turn only to how good the treatment makes them feel.

Even after your treatment, you will find that the benefits of Massage are long lasting. A recent study, as published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, found that, even after just one Massage, clients who had reported persistent feelings of depression and anxiety were much more relaxed, happy and felt less stressed, depressed and anxious (Watts).

You don’t have to come to your Relaxation Massage with a specific goal in mind; if you simply want to take the time to yourself to rest, relax and move and feel better, then a Relaxation Massage could be the right treatment for you.

Tips to Save Your Back In Between Massage Appointments:

The muscles, ligaments and discs of your back do a big job, supporting your spine and moving the weight of your body. Good posture, exercise and correct body mechanics help to keep it flexible and strong.

Massage can help with posture by stretching shortened muscles and fascia (the connective tissue that surrounds your muscles and other tissues), freeing movement around the joints and relieving muscle contractions that can pull you out of alignment.

You can help protect your back by moving with only a little thought.

Here are some tips to help you move correctly in between your Massage visits:

  1. Spread your feet shoulder width apart for stability when moving or working. Stand evenly on your feet.
  2. Practice feeling your center of gravity in your abdomen. Many people try to move from their upper bodies which is less efficient than moving from your pelvis, hips and abdomen. Practice strengthening exercises for your abdomen.
  3. To pick up a load, stand close to it. Squat and use your legs to lift it, keeping your back upright and the object close to your body. Avoid twisting as you lift.
  4. Kneel down on one knee to retrieve something from the floor.
  5. When reaching for an object overhead, keep your shoulders and hips facing it – don’t twist.

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