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Shock Wave Therapy for Tendonitis: Natural, Risk-Free, and Effective Pain Relief

Shockwave for tendonitis Hamilton

Tendons are the tough, fibrous cords within our muscles that connect the muscles to the bones and make sure that when we move a particular muscle, it tugs on the bone and causes movement.

 Tendons are extremely susceptible to strain and stress due to their restricted range of motion and the hefty loads they endure during the course of day-to-day activity.

Tendonitis is an uncomfortable swelling of the tendons. It may be brought on by overuse, stress, or any other activity that places excessive tension on your tendons.

As a matter of fact, almost any repeated movement can potentially trigger tendonitis -- especially among people who devote a substantial amount of time to it. (It likewise doesn't help that we devote so much time hunching over our smart phones and office jobs.)

Tendonitis may make it hard for you to move without discomfort, tightness and weakness. If you're a golf enthusiast, tennis player, or another athlete who regularly over-uses their tendons, then you know first-hand how aggravating and crippling it can genuinely be.

If left without treatment, tendonitis can get even worse and turn into persistent tendonitis, which is also called tendinosis. With this health condition, the tendon comes to be weakened and doesn't recover properly.

If left untreated for too long, it might not ever heal completely or go back to typical function once again.

Thankfully, with the right treatment at the correct time, you will be back to your regular activities in no time at all, with no remaining effects from your flare-up of tendonitis -- simply read on for all the details!

What is Shockwave Treatment?

Shockwave therapy, also referred to as "extracorporeal shockwave therapy" (ESWT), is a pain-free, non-invasive treatment that has been shown to be extremely beneficial in the treatment of tendonitis, as well as other conditions such as plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, hip pain, chronic pain, patellar tendonitis and more.

It employs tightly-focused acoustic energies that are generated by a tool to produce little tears in your tendons to stimulate recovery. Shockwave therapy is typically employed as an alternative to surgery to deal with a number of disorders, including knee, elbow, shoulder pain and shoulder tendonitis.

Shockwave Therapy in Calgary NE NW is among the treatment options performed in a medical setting with a gel pad or cushion to shield the skin.

The pad supplies energy in the form of sound waves to your tendons. The acoustic waves induce the fluid in your tendons to vibrate and produce micro-injuries that promote restorative healing.

How Does Shockwave Treatment Help Relieve Tendonitis?

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy functions by developing micro-injuries in your tendons. Upon making these very small injuries, your body begins a recovery process that produces new collagen and returns your tendon back to proper function and wellness.

This is the body's natural healing process, and it makes it possible for your body to restore damaged tissues and return them to their normal state of function and health.

Shockwave is an effective treatment in part because it increases the blood supply and blood flow to the area of tendonitis. This is among the several ways in which shockwave treatment helps alleviate tendonitis!

Another reason shock wave treatment may be effective for tendonitis is because it does not require any topical or oral medicines that may have negative side effects and are normally related to other treatments for tendonitis.

This can be extremely valuable for people who wish to stay clear of needless side effects or for those who are allergic to particular medications.

With shockwave therapy, you can concentrate on treatment and feel confident that you are getting the best possible care for your disorder.

The Benefits of Shockwave Therapy for Tendonitis

Employing shockwave treatment to alleviate tendonitis has a number of benefits versus other therapies, including:

No Negative Effects: One of the most undeniable benefits of conservative therapies such as shockwave treatment and physical therapy is that there are no negative effects and no threat of adverse reactions. The treatment is totally safe and does not involve any potential negative effects like oral or topical medications do.

No Needles: Another advantage is that with shock wave treatment, you won't need to cope with the discomfort and pain of injections.

Several therapies for tendonitis include injecting the affected area to bring about the recovery process, but shockwave therapy doesn't. You can get the same benefits without having to face the discomfort and trouble of injections.

No Downtime: Another advantage of shockwave therapy is that you won't have to fret about needing to take some time absent from work or being inactive while your tendon is mending. The treatment is pain-free and does not call for any lost time.

No Long-term Negative Effects: Among the most significant advantages of shockwave treatment for tendonitis is that it does not come with any long-term negative effects. You can rest assured that you won't have to tackle any complications or unfavorable reactions down the road.

As a matter of fact, the regenerative system that shockwave treatment triggers can literally help prevent future tendon damages!

Are there any Negative Side Effects of Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave therapy doesn't have any serious or long-lasting negative effects. Although there may be some minor pain or swelling after the therapy, these side effects aren't extremely prominent and will disappear by themselves in a couple of days. There's also no threat of harming close-by nerves or tissues.

It ought to be kept in mind that shockwave therapy is not ideal for everybody. Those with specific health conditions such as pregnancy, open injuries or infection, or an allergic reaction to ultrasound ought to refrain from it. It is always best to ask your doctor or physio therapist if shockwave treatment is the right treatment for you.

How Much Does Shockwave Therapy Cost?

The cost of shockwave treatment for tendonitis varies from center to center and from client to client because every condition and situation is unique.

It's best to discover a facility in your area and see them personally to get a price quote for your particular treatment. Make certain to ask about any insurance coverage that might be accessible to you.

If you have medical insurance, make sure to look at your policy and see if it includes shockwave treatment for tendonitis. If it does, you can generally make a visit with a therapist or professional near you and get started right away.

If you don't have medical insurance, you can still pay a visit to a facility and see if they provide a payment plan or treatment financing choice to make the process more cost effective.

How Many Treatments Will You Have?

The number of shockwave treatment sessions you need will differ depending on the severity of your tendonitis and your response to the therapy. You will most likely begin to feel results in between 2 and 5 sessions.

The most effective way to recognize when you should stop receiving therapy is to keep track of your progression with a pain and symptom tracking app like Healio. If you have health insurance, make sure to bring it to your visit. This will help you get the most of your treatment and get better sooner.

Where Can You Receive Shockwave Treatment for Tendonitis?

As we mentioned earlier, shockwave treatment is usually received in a health care clinic. If you're enduring pain and discomfort from tendonitis, it is important to schedule treatment as soon as possible to stop the problem from becoming worse.

Especially if you've had other treatments and they weren't successful, then it's worth giving shockwave treatment a try.

Give Nose Creek Physiotherapy a call soon and we can start eliminating your tendonitis pain. Now scheduling new appointments!

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