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We realise some people may be “unsure” if Physio is right for them. It could be that you’re not sure it’ll work, or whether we can help with what you’ve got, or maybe you had a bad experience somewhere in the past? If that sounds like you and you’d like to come in and see for yourself how Nose Creek Physiotherapy can help you, please fill out the short form below and tell us more about you so we can answer your questions:

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Take The Right Steps This Winter!

Why Orthotics?

Remedy Health Media explains that “it’s important to understand the mechanics of walking. With each step, the vertical axis of the heel ideally should land slightly inverted to the ground, with an inclination of only a few degrees toward the outside of the heel. From there, the foot begins to pronate (flatten) and then comes off the ground at the toes (resuppinates). So, during each step, weight shifts from laterally to medially and back to laterally. A properly designed orthotic controls how the foot strikes the ground, absorbs shock, and reduces stress in the foot.”

Did you know that if a structural problem is present, your foot can collapse under your body’s weight? This is a serious issue because over time, the stress on your feet can result in deformities and pain. A structural problem is even more serious for runners as running exerts much greater force on your feet than simply walking, and having a structural problem and not assessing it while running can lead to severe injuries, like sprained ankles, shin splints and fractures. Moreover, orthotics may also alleviate pain associated with knees, hips and the lower back.

Is It Time For Orthotics?

As always, our focus is on you, our valued clients. The team at Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy is committed to providing exceptional care with the help of advanced technology and client education opportunities, ensuring you receive maximum benefit for your overall health. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to correct this break down in foot mechanics is with shoe inserts, also known as orthotics. Orthotics will give you support and cushioning while stopping the deforming forces that are contributing to your foot pain.

We recommend that anyone experiencing foot pain should schedule a consultation and visit us at one of our two Calgary locations to receive a GaitScan™ assessment. The GaitScan assessment provides a custom orthotics fit and optimizes your performance (learn more about our GaitScan service: GaitScan). If you do not assess the pain, the road to recovery will be more difficult – it could get to a point where your foot pain is so horrible that you can hardly walk!

By assessing your situation and receiving education on proper foot health, you will be able to identify the warning signs. We have researched 4 signs that suggest you may need orthotics (source: Oh My Sole):

  1. Worn out shoes – Take a look at your shoes! Are you wearing the soles on one side more than the other? You may pronate (foot rolls inward) or supinate (ankles turn out). Is the left shoe more worn down than the other? You may have a leg length discrepancy. You can learn a lot from your old shoes, and so can we!
  2. Foot pain – You would think this one would be obvious but you would be surprised by how many people allow themselves to suffer unnecessarily with foot pain. Repeated exposure to improperly fitted footwear can cause permanent damage to your feet. High heels, pointed toes shoes and any shoe that doesn’t properly conform to the shape of your foot can cause undo stress and fatigue. If you are experiencing pain, book a consultation with us – we can help!
  3. Heel pain – Severe pain in the heel is not normal. If you are experiencing pain, particularly in the morning, it could be the sign of a foot condition like Plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis can be treated with orthotics, metatarsal pads, stretching and lifestyle changes.
  4. Injury to lower limbs – If you have recently suffered an injury to your lower extremities it is important to make sure you are properly supporting your recovery from the ground up. A misaligned gait can cause issues with your ankles, knees, lower back and hips.

To read more about the warning signs, visit Oh My Sole’s website: Oh My Sole

In Need Of Orthotics? Nose Creek Physio Has You Covered!

At Nose Creek Physiotherapy we sell orthotic products, compression hosiery, stockings, ankle braces and heel lifts at both locations – Beddington and Thorncliffe. Our custom made orthotics, The Orthotics Group, are designed from practitioners professional prescriptions to meet oru client’s individual and lifestyle needs. Our medical gradient compression hosiery promote a better venous flow which helps to control swelling, varicosities, leg fatigue and other problematic leg conditions.

Nose Creek Physiotherapy Offers TOG Footbeds

The Orthotics Group offers various styles of orthotics! Here are some situations of when orthotics can help you manage and alleviate your foot pain:

  • If you are enjoying the winter sun and taking a walk outdoors
  • If you enjoy sports such as skiing with your kids or playing soccer
  • If you enjoy dancing or wearing high heels
  • If you are trying to alleviate an Achilles tendon strain

Check out some of our products that are designed to meet your lifestyle needs:

For clients who require mild to moderate biomechanical control in their high heel or dance shoes.
For golfers who require comfort and support while walking the golf course.
Extrinsic rearfoot flexpost (with a Lunasoft™ layer) to relieve Achilles tendon strain, vinyl sandwich for top-cover stability.
For soccer players who require moderate to maximum biomechanical control. These orthotics are cut-to-fit for each soccer cleat with additional vinyl sandwich.
This sports enhancing orthotic has been specially designed for narrow cut ski boots or skates. These orthotics are cut-to-fit for each skate/ski with additional vinyl sandwich.

If you are interested in our products, visit our Products webpage for more orthotics, compression hosiery and stockings today!

Your feet are your foundation; they have carried you through your whole life, but it is usually our feet that take the most punishment in our day to day lives. As we grow older, we rely more and more on our feet to keep us moving, and a GaitScan™ assessment coupled with custom orthotics from The Orthotic Group can help!

Looking For An Alternative To Orthotics?
If you are looking for an alternative to orthotics, Nose Creek Sport Physiotherapy can provide you with The Orthotics Group (TOG) inserts. These inserts fit inside your shoes, mold to your feet and provide support where you need it. They are a great low cost alternative to orthotics. Once heated, these custom orthotics mold to create a perfect fit for your unique foot and footwear, without losing their supportive shape. Your comfort is guaranteed.

  • Balance Advantages:

TOG supports the length of your foot from heel to toe, improving your balance. Balance increases athletic performance, reduces foot fatigue and helps to prevent injury.

  • Alignment Improvements:

TOG improves the alignment of your ankles, knees, hips and back. Corrected alignment reduces pain in these areas and improves athletic performance.

  • Pressure Distribution

The unique shape of TOG distributes weight evenly across your foot, reducing pressure points that lead to pain in your heels and under the balls of your feet.

If you interested in the GaitScan or any of our TOG orthotics/insole products, give us a call today at our Beddington location (587.205.5230) or at our Thorncliffe location (403.275.7728). We would be happy to help you assess and resolve your pain, and get you moving faster and feeling better!

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