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Have you ever gone to bend your elbow, hip, knee or ankle but felt like something was stopping you from moving as well as you used to be able to? You’re not alone. Many clients come in for a Massage complaining of hip pain that never seems to go away; something seems thick or blocking…


Here are three different exercises that will help strengthen your hips in order to reduce your kneecap pain. We suggest these three exercises: 1/3 drop squats, hip side lying leg lifts and hip rotator muscle exercises. 1/3 Drop Squats To strengthen hips and knees: This is beginner level 1 strengthening; you will need to progress…


There are many factors that can lead to knee pain, such as joint degeneration, trauma, inflammation, etc. But why may a young athlete with no mechanism of injury start experiencing knee pain? Often the cause is muscular imbalances; tight muscles in one area and weak muscles in another, that put abnormal stress upon the joint….

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