As we mentioned in the previous blog article in the first week, PFPS is a muscle imbalance in the knee. These muscle imbalances will get better in 3 weeks as you can establish normal flexibility (normal length of the muscle) in 3 weeks, but the strengthening will take 6 -12 weeks to build up the muscle endurance and strength.

Most muscles will increase in tone early, but the physical growth of the muscle (or the hypertrophy) will take more than 6 weeks. Muscles start to increase in girth and size after 6 weeks of exercising them. This is why we tell our clients that recovering from PFPS is a 3 month experience for most people, not a 3 week experience. Be the turtle in the race to your recovery and do your program on a regular basis. This will help you beat this condition. Next week we will highlight the 3 key exercises to work on – stay tuned!

If you have kneecap pain it is not getting better, you need to give us a call at Beddington (403.295.8590), and we are happy to help you fully resolve your Patellofemoral knee pain.

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